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In this video I discuss why I chose the Rottweiler over the German Shepherd dog.


derište says:

This is a good channel that always has good and interesting content. However, it would be better with longer videos since they have been so short recently
But i can understand why they are short… its hard to upload this good content very often.

Robert Spinks says:

My German shepherd kept the special operations police from jumping my fence to get into the neighboring house had to come around the front and ask me to lock him up.
Had both breeds cant agree on that one.

Poland syndrome bodybuilding says:

The yappy dog

Edgar Haro says:

Please do one on why you chose the Rotti over a working line boxer

Shaleen Dalal says:

Dunno about others but I am really liking these "Why I chose a Rottweiler over.." videos.

Swami Vivekananda says:

Gsd= loaded handgun.

wtf lexus says:

Giant schnauzer next…

Richard Abraham says:

Why i chose a Rottweiler over a Black Mamba.

Pranav Jags says:

This is what I was waiting for ! Both these breeds are so similar to each other in almost every aspect , I was also very confused deciding between these 2

# Coach2win says:

Why I chose Rottweiler over the ____________

John McLaughlin says:

I like your comparison videos and agree with your choice.

Ceschia's says:

Ok the rottweiler is atheletic even more then the german shepherd

j w says:

I hv a working line gsd. I wldnt hv a show line gsd they arnt even the same dog

j w says:

Keep them going

hernandimas44 says:

The Akita has a brick head compared to shepherds

Davian Shipley says:

The video I was waiting for

foilist1 says:

I agree with you about the show German Shepherd’s rear end and sloping back. It looks terrible.

Pastor Justin says:

Nuthin wrong with that😎😎

Little lizard says:

“WHY I CHOSE THE ROTTWEILER OVER THE AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER” Come on bro, you know you gotta do it!🙏🏽🙏🏽

Catherine Fraser says:

Another great video. Thanks for keeping it real

Xhoni Pashaj says:

Could you make a video for the Illyrian Shepherd

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