Watch This Video Before Buying Rottweiler : Things You Should Know : TUC

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Watch This Video Before Buying Rottweiler : Things You Should Know : TUC
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Ashwini Kumar says:

I am shubham khujuria tera bapp

Gautam Guha Roy personal playlist says:

I have a Rottweiler he is very egrasive

Shila Patil says:

I am living in a building then I have 45 Rottweilers

Aquarium Information says:

Bhai i am first time owner can i keep female rottweiler but i am school student

Ivaan Sharma says:

I have a dog can he eat homemade food

chandrasekhar anupati says:

How much cost of two months rotty puppy sir

Anil Dagar says:

I will advise that never beat them or make them hungry for long and also feed them with less sugar that mades them angry.

Anil Dagar says:

I am first time Rottweiler owner he he is with me when he was of 13 days and now he is 4 years old and he is friendly with my labra.


my cousin is having a rottweiler she very agrresive for only two months

Atul Shah says:

Can I buy Rottweiler ,I am a first time owner please tell

drum studio says:

I'm am first time owner and have female Rottweiler

Armaan Kang says:

I have 4 Rottweiler

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