This Video Proof That Rottweilers Are The Most Dangerous Dog Breed

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Dope Radiator says:

Wow such wow😂😂

Charlotte Online says:

0:12 the kid was spitting water out of his mouth and the dog was trying to eat it or drink it? It just looks like the dogs trying to bite his face 😩

Lauren Duncan says:

Wow that's so dangerous😒. I mean come on I have a Rottweiler and there the sweetest things if you train your Rottweiler well guess what it becomes sweet and it listens to you that was the dumbest video ever

TheYellowGoldenFreddy says:

This video proof that……You didn't train your dog properly.

Shauna Connelly says:

Dogs are just like children; How all dogs act depends on how they are raised. (Not there breed)

BravoV says:

STFU this video is dumb af and bogus too. Fucking dumbass, I have a rottweiler who is the sweetest dog you'd ever meet.

Tieghank Terlingen Berry says:

Like wtf did he spell the tittle wrong

Nightcore gaming says:

Um excuse me but I have a Rottweiler called Amber and she is a rose she wouldn't hurt a fly (she'll probably try and eat it) she doesn't growl when you do something bad to her.

Chloe McConnell says:

This title is proof that you clearly just don’t like them because they are the most friendliest

lemon hurdle says:


Colin Wall says:

Wtf these dogs were having fun

Michael Williams says:

Very dangerous, it almost most killed me with cuteness.

Sniper Girl 10k says:

Everyone run! The cuteness is taking over! It's so dangerous!

Samuel Reid says:

No dog is born vicious. It depends on how the dog is treated

Abk Htm says:

Hence proved.

Mrs Manson says:

I grew up with a rotweiller when I was a baby. I used to sit on him put my hand in his mouth etc. But he was agressive to everyone except me. Lol. He didnt even get mad when I pulled his tail

Rottweiler Life says:

Guys we just make a funny headline for sure rottweilers are not dangerous at all they are the best dog breed ever

XxEquestrianxX says:

that is not dangerous??

LilMac Fripps says:

I got too of those dogs

Natalie Baca says:

I'm miss my wrattwilier rip peppers I still am taking care of ur puppies

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