Tape Rottweiler puppy ear, Puppy Ear Taping – How to Tape your Rottweilers puppies ears

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This is the second video about Rotweiler Ear Taping, It is a little clearer to see. Remember to use Black Gorrilla Duct Tape. Also you keep the tape on the ear for 7 days at a time. So 7 days take off for one day to see then 7 more days.


Toan Nguyen says:

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Yasiru Dedigamuwa says:

This puppy is very cute..!

idg isaiah says:

😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 yyyyyyyyyy do thatttttt that boy is such a fooooolllll

Varun tube Dog Training Channel says:

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Varun tube Dog Training Channel says:

WTF your doing with your dog you f**kin idiot worst fellow , muddy , stupid , rascal , how dare you to cut the ears of the Rottweiler

trap city Adams says:

I watched this video like 2 years ago and came back for the puppy

Louis Andrew says:

yay to camel toe!

Morbidly Obeast says:

0:03 Dat camel toe doe.

mike mears says:

When you say a finger length from the top if ear, is it a finger length or a knuckle length? We have a 3 month old female who's ears have just started to fly away. It's cute, but it's not a Rottweiler look. Almost looks like a shepard. Lol.

Aaron Prinkey says:

Thanks for the video… this looks great. I am not having any luck getting the Gorilla Tape to stick to my dogs ears. She has it off in 10 seconds. Any suggestions? I've watched the video over and over again trying to determine where I am making the mistake, not seeing it. Thank you!

Nathan Powers says:

How long should you leave the tape on the ears for?

Dadez Gambino says:

from whom did you buy this pup from or do you breed?
I could never find German Rottweilers where im from only the "American" Rottweiler, and personally i don't like those.

Binoy Mj says:

it would b be better if we could watch ur ears too taped like dis☺.. anyways really nice nd informative video.. hope u may upload a video wid dat same puppy again.. jst wanted to kno how handsom he is now..

white chocolate says:

who els hears spongbob

shubham tripathi says:

How to train rotweller

Belly Bear says:

Beautiful puppy. What is your kennel name again?

Cassidy Robello says:

will this work on a 6 month rott puppy?

Marek Gregorarz dadseriousphysique says:

Very informative.
Beautiful pup!

John Anderson says:

Just did it on our 19 month old female, she didn't mid. Her left ear was not sitting right due to teething toys likely, no stress yet, can't vote… Let's see if it works, or stays on…

Alex Alejandre says:

I own a Rottweiler puppy he's about 3 months old and I never noticed anything about his ears or a crease or anything. now I'm worried I'm missing something …. can u show us what u mean by Bad ears ? is it common ?

John Anderson says:

Based on you experiences, would this work on our 18 mo. old Rottie? interestingly, the one ear that is not "correct" gets really dirty and irritated, while the other one has no issues other than a cleaning here and there. (ignore the trolls)

emily says:

I own a rottweiler… should I be doing this? All she does is sometimes pull back her ears when she's excited. Her ears look like elephant ears opened, except they're smaller.

Pedro Ramirez says:

my female is 10 weeks sometimes the ear folds backwards and she looks like a lil elephant not so much tho should i still tape them???

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