Socializing A Rottweiler Dog

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Socializing a Rottweiler dog is a must for any responsible dog owner.
My Rottweiler Capone was able to finally meet Gio another German Rottweiler. After a long battle, both Rottweilers were able to finally walk side by side, since both Rottweilers are males and are not neuter, it was harder for the both of them to get alone. you know the ‘Alpha Male” role play a big role on this, but at the end the Rottweilers got to enjoy each others company. Please make sure to LIKE my video and don’t forget to check out my Rottweiler playlist for more cool videos of Capone my German Rottweiler, thank you for watching and take care.

Alpha Dogs Rottweilers





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TheCosmicbass says:

Now they are buddies!

ActiveAnimals says:

First rule of dog training 101: If the dog pulls on the leash and makes noise, don't let it get closer to the other dog.
If you don't allow aggression in the first place, you won't have to train it out of the dog later on. 0:25 this is where you went wrong.
Should have taught them to stay calm at a distance, before expecting them to be calm in close quarters. But then again, that would have been a boring video, wouldn't it?
The real alpha males in this video are the humans, not the dogs.

Al Haslerig III says:

Not the best way but it worked

TIP TOP says:

Well i thin k thats an good way to show how dogs (Rottweiler) respons. Pretty good, thats show us how "bad" they. they are NOT terifing oder threading, it´´s all about socializing. (apoligys my english) greez from germany

Tuubansoittaja says:

I feel old times… With my Rotweiler RIP…
Yes, thats the way to do it…
Just wondering, How did they come together both "free" ?

Sam P says:

My dog is a female and that would be hard for her to do also.

jp1m16 says:

Very Good..Just what I was looking for..Thank you. Good Work!!!

GrnXnham says:

Good job. We have used similar techniques with our dogs and it works. You just have to be persistent and don't give up.

Laurie Ramirez says:

I hope they stay being best buddy's!!

Tom rizzo says:

Socialization the most important thing doesn't take much time to accomplish but most people don't put the effort in to bad

Ashley Campos says:

Lol shit together

jennifer bibiano says:

Very patient, Cute dog !

Shadow Kazuto says:

I have 2 baby twin Rottweilers

Atheist Mocker says:

Rottweilers are natural born monsters! They are raised to kill people and are very dangerous around children! They are not the dogs to be walking around! Rottweiler is like owning an m16 or a 9mm pistol.

The Adversary says:

Omg, I loved this video! I loved how they progressed so quickly into becoming socialized. I'm a new companion (owner) of an 8 week old German Rottweiler puppy. I have him around his brother constantly. My sister's Chihuahua doesn't socialize with anyone or anything but family. I need to find more people with dogs around here to socialize my baby, Sasha.

Kazeh says:

Dogs are not a dominant species, dogs are specificly bred by humans to remove dominance otherwise it wouldnt be possible to own a dog. Plus at the end of the video when they are "happy" walking together theyre still tense, the left dog is walking with its tail between its legs.

Akat suki says:

they even shit together and i was like..WHAT~~??(no homo)

instead of shitting together it`s better to replace it with eating together lol

katie seymour says:

I've had no experience and known people who have had them with no trouble. But from what I can see a Rottweiler is more than capable of being sociable with other dogs done in the right way!

blueheaven hind says:

Hats off to the efforts.

Esteban emanuel says:

Estaria bueno si los videos estarian traducidos

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