Rottweilers Start Basic training

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By the end of this session The Rottweilers looked like they went thru Basic Training or Infantry School. thanks to the voices of cadence. Contact me thru this channel or Rottweiler Training and sales 605.935.6454


Doris Gibbs Sinclair says:

hello.what do you do or give them to prevent ticks getting on them when they go on the yard or park. thanks

Bobby James says:

I love Rottweiler dogs.

Joseph E Cowen says:

I'll be straight up and honest, I don't want older dogs and no need for AKC certification, I want a female rotty intending on cross breading with well a shiba inu. What I need to know is how much would the dog be and cost to ship to Massachusetts if your willing.

Emerson Andrade says:

Corta teu rabo fdp

woollverin israel says:

Butyful and cute puappis!!!!!!

Carlo says:

Love 😱💗💗💗💗💗

Ron Moak says:

A rottweiler army!

Arthur Shortlidge says:

How much a puppy and do y'all have a number or website

-_BuLLS_EyE_- Playz says:

R u kidding

Brax says:

Cuteness overload! 💕💎💕💎

Alter Ego says:

I love rottweiler!!!

Cevat Özlem Tel.05324337383 says:


Luis Alberto Colon Rodriguez says:

envíen más vídeos de perros rottweiler americano y serbio para saber la diferencia

your moms secret friend says:

Maaaaan I miss my rotty. RIP fudge. daddy misses you

Rebbouch Taki Eddin says:


radu florin says:

fuck that song

Dalton Freitas says:

quero um filhote

BounceTheBall says:

Is there any way I can give one of them a forever home

Dumitru Betean says:

oooouu… tanto amor e fofora que rotti… nos da… Meu Deus, e incansavel!! Adoro rottwailers…

Vitor Lopes says:

Muito lindos kkkk

Cláudia Regina Da Silva says:

eu tenho um rotevaler bebé

River says:

Excellent video I have 2 rottweillers the father and son… They both get along great and dad is 125 pounds son is only a ear and 140 pounds but he was a singleton pup the only pup in litter he is very large from all the females nutrition.. You can see my boys and pit bull on my YouTube. Thanks again for video

Mack Jay says:

damn this brought back too many memories

jedi492 says:

jesus te ama juan 3:16 DIos te ama

Tamara Suano says:

mebaadaunperrocu andonasca

Andrea Pazzaglia says:

Fantastic puppy <3

Sujan Basnet says:

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Spring Trap says:

I tried a few other products before coming to and lеt me say that it was a great decision! I hаd huge strength gains in all of my areas and I'm putting upppp weight that I wоuldn't even think about in Septembеr. If you're looking tо put on serious mass, use this product. I fоund I had the bеst results having this one Rottweilers Stаrt Basic training

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