Rottweilers playing 2 2013

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This is my nephew’s Rottweiler (Rufus, the large one) and mine (Lea), both 4 years old, playing. They play every day they are together. It’s tug of war in the first part and wrestling in the second.


White Male says:

Dogs are good people. Only thing I have against them is that they don't know shit.

Creative Guru says:

3:23 I should turn my head

1958PonyBoy says:

This is nothing. I've had Rotts for over 30 years and I had a pair of females that would get into the most epic playing matches ever.
I had a acre property for them to charge around in. Morning and early evening, it was the same. They would charge and leap upon each other, wrestling in the grass, rolling, growling, lips bared, teeth flashing. To the outsider, it looked like a fight to the death, but they never hurt each other and would just sleep it off afterwards.
They would have trashed a room like the one in the video.

josh rodenkirch says:

they are really adorable. i have a 5 year old rott named gus who looks like rufus.

Pimp Daddy says:

Awesome dogs!

Aviel AKUETE says:

your mâle is very massive

Jbug Atkins says:

wat did u feed him to that size

Jane Doe says:

I have four questions for the owner, as my husband and I are thinking of adopting a Rottweiler puppy.
1. Were they extremely difficult to train compared to other breeds?
2. Did they ever show unprovoked signs of aggression towards anyone?
3. I only work part time, so I would be home most days. Do they become destructive if left alone on a daily basis?
4. Does this breed have any major health issues?

Samuel Wilder says:

How old are they and what do they love to do?

Jo Rhodes says:

Rufus looks like my precious Rottweiler "X" who passed last May, and the little one looks like his sister "Miracle".  They were from the same litter, but she was so much smaller.  Thanks for this video, I love watching them play.  They are such beautiful dogs.

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