Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds / What you need to know before getting one

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Donner PartySupplies says:

Hi Larry. I agree about all the APBs in the shelters. It would be a great service if you could help responsible prospective owners know how to help by adopting these. I would never chose a pitt bull, but I see so many of them come and go from shelters, I just can't believe my eyes. I can tell many of them are great dogs, but I can't imagine that there enough experienced and responsible owners for them. If you have some way of helping people educate themselves about this, that would be fantastic for the dogs (and the adopters as well). One way of doing this might be to interview a really good PB owner, with his/her dogs. Jim

reggie jackson says:

Man, you are always on the money!

Ruen says:

how bad can it be getting a badly bred rottweiler? i was planning on getting a rottweiler puppy. what's the difference between them?

Mansour Al-Qasim says:

Best man you are the best thanks for all of your advice and good videos please continue never stop

Squeezer says:

don't get it at one point you say go to a shelter pick out a pit bull – then at the end you say must go to a breeder if you are going to have any one of these three dogs.

Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs says:

Sadly it all goes back to bad Breeders who just breed for money. No testing for structure or temperament. Border Collies are another breed given up a lot due to high drive etc. In my opinion working line Collies are the best but they take a lot of daily training and behaviour modification to be nice dogs. My latest was a puppy from hell. She is lovely now but it has taken 19 months of hard graft. Great topic. I have had GSD's but now many are almost deformed due to bad breeding. Thanks Larry : )

Michelle says:

So glad you made this video. People need to hear about the huge responsibility and time with training it takes for these power breeds. Thank you

Bryan Ling says:

Great video. Can you do a video on why dog parks suck?

azbavenger says:

jesus some of the comments on this video… wow. "alpha" "I know what im doing because my dog can sit and down" im sorry Larry

azbavenger says:

We want to see this tough GSD case!

Jagoda Szubert says:

Many thanks for the talk on this topic.

Doug H. in VA says:

He leaves out that MOST dog owners never complete 1 basic class all the way. Look at your neighbors and unknown people walking a dog… Do you even know what to look for? By learning to handle a dog (knowing basic commands and understanding that a dog is an animal and not a person) puts you far ahead of nearly ever dog owner. Now, do you see where the real problems are ? I adopted an abandoned 'game type' APBT that is part way through rehab and have seen him in several fights, so I know first hand that Larry Krohn is right.

John Davison says:

As always, useful information Larry…Appreciate your candor.

Mj m says:

Very true. Having a dog is a big responsibility. In a way its like having a child…you dont just feed it and give it a home and that is it…its giving it attention, love and tools to be a well rounded dog…every day


agree 100% on the rottweiler. I have had several powerful dog breeds. This is by far the smartest most loyal dog I've ever owned. Fearless from pup. Check my videos. Dominant and powerful but incredibly loving. Very confident and well behaved for the most part but needs a knowledgeable/responsible owner. GREAT VIDEOS, THANKS

Jared Caggiano says:

Larry could you share any experience about the Dogo Argentino! Would love to hear your perspective

indianpny says:

I totally disagree with you on the money aspects of acquiring a sound dog, this methodology only applies when you have more dollars than sense! My German Shepherd I purchased from an Amish breeder, parents on site pups raised under foot (very important folks!) for less than 600$, I am a programmer by trade and not a dog trainer; however, I work with my girl and have been since I brought her home. By only 2 mos old, she already had all of her basic commands down pat- sit, down, speak, shake, and walking excellent on a leash at any public park. Tia is now 7 mos old and she comes ON COMMAND without a leash, you know from your experience that "Come" is one of the hardest to teach them. My Shepherd was also brought into my household with my 6 cats & never showed a bit of aggression toward any of them, they love that dog to death & I trust her, even still at puppy stage, with them. I'm fairly certain that she won't even need to be crated while I'm at work anymore in about another month.

jtm3141 says:

Your words ring true and hit close to home. I am currently living through the long puppyhood of a 13 month old Serbian male Rottweiler who is showing all the usual "dominant" behaviors i.e. extreme resource guarding, lunging, staring, aversion to being touched etc. A sturdy slip leash works well with him. Perhaps an e-collar is next…

Agent says:

how do i tell if my pup has solid nerves

fahren299 says:

As if well bred Pitts are in the shelters.

raegan cowles says:

I have 4 female Apbt a 9 year old a 3 year old and two year olds. There all very much game dogs. I have never had a dog fight in my house. The two year olds like to argue when something excited sometimes outside. I'm alpha so all I have to do is yell and they stop. I know how to train my dogs. There is so many people with dogs that have know business with a dog. I understand what you mean about people who have no idea how to handle each breed

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