Rottweilers Love little girl

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Dudenat or says:

Until they don't.. just google "Rottweiler kills girl". Pets aren't supposed to kill people, but this one does quite often.

bretteur2legende says:


Veronique Gaby says:

Quel amour pour cette petite fille , tous les chiens sont dangereux et c'est l'homme qui les rends méchant , l'homme est mauvais l'animal le devient quand il est mal éduqué

Berret Slapdash says:

Hhhghhh go to truth contest site read the present

Ana julia Brilhante says:

E u vou ter umu

krishna ghosh says:

they are the worst dog everrrrrrr

พิทธวัต ห่ามไทสง says:


Shoot First says:

Just out of curiosity, what third-world dump was this filme in?

Univers 69 says:

Super toutous 😇💜👍

eazy mm says:

My friend had a pitbull but as his wife get a baby the dog was too crazy and bitet his little baby..
Dont play with this animals they need a lot of meat and nature..

Gopi Krishna says:

There are no bad dogs it depends upon their owner.if u give them love they love u

Smooth Bro says:

She is sooooo cute when gets older I feel sorry for her potential boyfriends when they have to meet the dogs

Ravish Singh says:

she is super human being God bless her muaah

swtiris alexopoulos says:

To Michaels mavros–I am interested to have rottweiller!!!

gscam0001 says:

FYI, those are not her dogs– they are her bodyguards

lorenzo magazzeni says:

Once again, rotts are not black labradors, they have a killer instinct – I would never let one of my rotts around a baby, they killed already baby cats who were too trusty and assorted homeless dogs. They would not any established member of the pack, I have 4 younger mixed race dogs who adore them, they lick them all the time . Still BEWARE, they are not labradors with a yellow spot up theyr ass, just the yellow spot, screams BEWARE…

Henri Schmidt says:

i heard, after the take, the Rottweiler eat the girl and the camera operator

rob roberts says:

shouldn't the title of the vid be " the safest girl on planet earth?" 🙂

Figo Escobar says:

nice dogs very healthy

GSP- the chosen one says:

Rott look like Hellhounds

lorenzo magazzeni says:

NO, No… rotts and every other dog CAN be dangerous around children. Don't

steve-o l says:

Please don't get a Rottweiler if you don't intend to love it like crazy. And don't go looking for the biggest Rott possible. In fact, save one from a rescue situation. And if you do get a Rott, love it completely and train it well so he/she's a good citizen. Given all that, having a Rottweiler can literally be one of the best things that ever happens to you!

Sabine Huber says:

So cute. They are the best Dogs ever !!! I love this Video. this is the truth about this Dogs. And your daughter knows what she is doing. She is strong. Rottweiler need strength, but equally love. Your child is fearless, but equally self-assured. It does not need more at a rottweiler. They are nerve-strong, I mean, they do not turn at any noise or whatever.

N.O.Y.B M.F. says:

Of course those damn dogs love her, she is the little bitch from The Ring.

summer hot says:

They must be Muslims.

Zach king says:

the girl i SO CUTEEEEE!!!! 😀 😀 😀

RedEvil Gaming says:

name of the song?

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