Rottweilers kill a 5 year old boy

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On May 1rst 2016 a five year old boy was killed by two Rottweilers in a town of northern Greece, Kozani. It was a Sunday, and happened also to be the orthodox Easter day, which in Greece is the biggest holiday of the year. The boy and his family were visiting a friend’s house (owner of eight Rottweilers), in order to celebrate the Easter. The child was left unattended for a while, and the next thing we know he was screaming for his life while two out of the eight dogs were attacking him. By the time he was taken to the hospital, it was to late. According to the doctors, his wounds were horrific – he actually looked like he had been eaten alive. The owner was prosecuted and is facing charges of manslaughter. He was released teh day after. All 8 dogs were removed from the man’s property and were atken to the city’s public shelter (which is actually a concentration camp, so they will probably die of starvation unless they eat each other first) According to the owner, the dogs were locked in a safe place (the garage) and the boy probably opened the door and set them free. According to the neighbors, the dogs were always loose in the garden and they had shown signs of agressiveness in the past, but noone ever reported any incident. The story made the headlined and has been broadcasted a million times. It has made the public afraid and even more unaware. The result is dog owners being harrassed every time they walk their dogs – letting them loose in a park is out of the question. After similar (yet not that horrible) incidents, the ones who pay the price are the stray being poisoned per dozens. Animal Welfare is something that never makes it on the news, the TV or any newspaper. NEVER. The only thing people with no access to internet (seniors mainly) ever know about dogs is what they hear from stories like this one. No social ads ever appear on the TV. In a country with a population of 10 million people, the strays are estimated to be about 5 million (including cats). Volunteers strugle every day to get their message across with absolutely no help from the government or the press. The dogs were given one month time. If they are not adopted by May 25, all eight of them will be put down:

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dr mice john says:

Take that fucking decision humans are more important than your dogs

Stacey Walker says:

I knew that voice……I was letting videos run while doing house chores an I heard your voice…..Valia!! Another GREAT video……your words are magic and get people thinking…..THANK YOU!!! People need to learn a bit about dogs before spouting off about stuff they know NOTHING about!!!

Katiamoon says:

Respect 👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖

Helen Varga says:

You are right.

Maïa Van Waes says:


Mr Perry says:

blame those 2 dogs not every dog but just those two they should be decapitated

The Orphan Pet says:

All eight dogs are up for adoption by the public shelter that took them in. They were given less than one month to find a home, or they will be put down on May 25, just 24 after the incident:

Sheridan O'Connor says:

You just got yourself a new subscriber. Two thumbs way up for you.

Startrekker1701 Enterprise says:

it was the parents fault don't blame the dogs the child was probably provoking the rottweilers I hate that people blame things on animals for killing and hurting people it is likely that provoking the animal is what leads to injury or death

Liesbeth Broekema says:

not only was the owner responsible but also the parents of the child. you shouldn't even let your kid alone with the sweetest dog in the world. we have 7 shepherds and had a top of 8 but we have all adopted them from the shelter.

Susan Canty says:

I believe you have said it as it really is. I could not have said it better if I tried. Unfortunately  dogs are not the only animals in the world that suffer from peoples ignorance, laziness and greed. I can only hope that there are more people like you who see the truth. People have to be more responsible for what they don't do, as well as what they do. There are always people who just hate animals , and an incidence like this gives them  the fuel they need. We have to help and  stand up for those who can't stand up for them selves. This is the reason that God gave humans dominion over all creatures. Not to kill, exploit, neglect and destroy. I have watched and listened to your videos in the past and will continue to do so. May God Bless you for helping these innocent animals.

BA HA says:

You're so right!!!

Jacqueline Vos says:

Well said……. Bravo !!!!!! I feel what you do as I do have my Rottweiler Aris 3.5 yrs old and have heard all sort of shit since last Sunday. Aris has been trained professionally from the age of 5 months old for 18 months long. I still train him daily as they are dominant dogs, he male and me female,I am his boss, so he does try sometimes to get it his way but I am strict with him with lots of proper love. The results are great and Aris is known by many people from Piraeus to Glyfada and we often walk with him on busy Sundays in Monastiraki. They all love him, he has been socialized properly, is fond of children !!!!! My compliments for this GREAT video !!!!!

Laura Gonzalez says:

I dont agree completely with you. I live in Greece so I heard the news. Because I know how the greeks think I can tell you that most of the fault falls on the parents. Why? Because whenever most parents go somewhere its like if their responsability for the children is off. Tell me why was the child by himself when they knew the owner and what he had in his house. How many children drown in their holidays at swimming pools? When the parents are far somewhere else? its not the responsability of someone else to take care of your children, PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! if you are having children you have to take care of them, its not part of the circle grow up, marry, have a beautiful house, a car and 2 kids, NO ITS NOT, if you are nor ready then dont have kids

Catherine Hyett says:

Animals always seem to suffer for the idiocy of their owners.

Amanda Brooks says:

it makes me wonder how long the child was unattended for. apparently long enough to make it away from the parents, go exploring AND unloose dogs from their enclosure, not to mention whatever conspired between the dogs and the child until he screamed. I think more needs to be investigated here, like the parents lack of supervision and accountability in this terrible issue. there are no winners here, but I'm afraid the ones who cannot speak for themselves (dogs) will be blamed. thats usually how it goes, blame the defenseless. And the poor owner!!!! I cant even imagine how he is feeling!! His friends child, dead. His beloved pets, soon to be dead I'm sure. He himself charged. It seems with some forsight and alot of preventability, all of this could have been avoided. SENSELESS!!!!

Joy World says:

Breeders fault. No dog should EVER attack a child ! Dogs should protect all children or they are not man's best friend.

The Mighty Minotaur says:

Thousands of dogs poisoned every day on the streets, starving to death and in some cases being brutally killed by sadistic people/ owners. Nobody bats an eye.

A 5 little kid got killed by dogs because their owners where complete fuckwits and everyone wants to " 'ban' the dangerous breeds"…

Amanda Brooks says:

I beleive the parents are to blame. Hey are the ones who left their child unattended and if the dog owner was a friend, they knew about the dogs. If ypu knew their was poisonous snakes, chemicals or a shed full of plugged in power tools on the property where you going to visit, being the parent, it is your responsibilty to be aware for your child and the environment you put them in. sorry but its their fault.

annelii öhman says:

Easy; the owner & the parents. NOT the dogs!

Kodiak and Grizzly Bears says:

One cannot blame the dog!!!!!

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