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Rottweilers Give Little Boy Biggest Kisses | These giant Rottweilers love their little boy so much. Love Animals? Subscribe:

Credit: Rachel Borden via JukinVideo(

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


Rocky Cool says:

We have a Two Year baby in Home, and a 10 months lab puppy both almost grew together, but we dint let each other play along much being afraid the dog might bite the baby in a playing way. Both cry for each other, only problem is lab lick alot, initially we thought it as a problem, but the baby seemed to enjoy it, they are best buddy now, brothers from different mothers, we let them play with each other for hours now without any worry…..

anna carichini says:

padroncino adorabile😘

Jack Jones says:

I have a rottweiler of my own

heno heno moheji says:

Don't get a rottweiler they said
They are so mean they said

Roberta Sachs says:

What a joy to behold

alessandro pereira passos says:

dogs are the best friends for kids

seäsick says:

The littler one looks like my dog

Donata Butler says:

I love rotties but don't like any dog licking faces its not healthy

Judi O'Regan says:

Oh would you look at that big goofy smile on that dog! XD So adorable. And so lovely to see a child being raised to love and respect animals.

Thaíse says:

Two dearest angels!! I wish all children were taught from an early age to love animals.

Ghazala Qamer says:

I have a rotty hes birthdays today! Hes turning one

Uncommonsensesc says:

That is just the sweetest – both the dogs and the little boy! His parents are raising him right – to be good to dogs and love them!

Adrienne Galler Lastra says:

Precious that momma trained her little boy to love on da big doggits!! I love it!!

Vicki Lenz says:

Can't get a better dog. I know from experience. That little boy will always be safe with them around. Proud of the parents for raising their child to accept the breed. Pit Bulls get a bad rap too. It's all in how they are raised. The Rottie we have now we rescued from woods in PA in the winter severly beaten. We have had her 10 years and she loves all kids. Even when they climb on her and our other 1/2 Lab 1/2 Rottie while they have arthritis. Unconditional love.

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