Rottweilers are smart but stubborn!

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My 3 year old Rottie Rambo doing a few tricks


Déåd Fløwêrš HH says:

My rottweiler is very stubborn! But… I love him ❤💗💙

docstrange27 says:

Pretty dog.

amilton santos says:

his face in the end was like "if you don't stop recording me i'm gonna bite you're head off and have a fit

BadPingGamer says:


Backyardmech1 says:

He is a handsome boy. I miss my rotty. We used to take him on camping trips when I was in Boy Scouts.

Sharon Bell says:

l love rotti dogs and pitbulls. It is the way you raise them up just like a human baby.

Keith Carey says:

independent thinking dogs are supposed to be stuborn. it shows a greater degree of intelligence. a obedient dog will jump of a bridge,but I call that stupid. a Rottweiler will jump off bridge if they understand why it is important to do so, I call that SMART.

Hero Hour says:

big bag of kibble. u should feed ur dog better!!@!!

Riza hariati says:

Steeeyy… Steeyyy!! Steee… wei woiii!! woiiii!! Steeei!! LOL

KL vs KV says:

that man ran into the wall bringing back the toy cute rott man😂😂😂😂😂💘

Sabine Huber says:

Sorry, Dark Soul, I´m frim Germany. Rottweiler and German Shepard works for our Country. And the Rottweiler can do more. But whatever, importent is, how they learn. Both are cute.

Riah Lee says:

I love Rotties. I just don't have the personality for dogs like this.

Garett Miller says:

handsome rotty

Keith Carey says:

Stubbornness. is a sign of extremely. intelligence

Alex Oneill says:

what a gorgeous rott! I've owned several and you couldn't be more correct. they are extremely smart. and extremely stubborn. but , as you know, they love to learn and are extremely observant animals. it's very impressive watching a rottweiler in action. they maintain direct eye contact, watching every move you make, awaiting you're next command. you're rottweiler is magnificent. ty very much for sharing. gorgeous dog!

T0N1 X says:

You have a beautiful dog man.

Nick Peters says:

that's stubborn ? pretty well behaved if you ask me, especially compared to my brother"s rottie lol


pusssyniggas dislike

Jason Desjardins says:

That's a handsome lad.

sandwit ht says:

beautiful eyes!

Jack Snedden says:

Beautiful pup!!!

collin pearce says:

Handsome funny bear. What a sweetheart.

Mark rules says:

That's a well trained dog

Tim Tims says:

Haha when he ran into the door frame. I swear big dogs like rotties and labs don't feel a damn thing when they bump their heads

Kera Tidd says:

yea thats cute i have one and his names jackie and his so stubborn to doing tricks i got him to give me paw sit and play dead and he's about 4 months old

rosie kim says:

the way our rotties put there ears down >>

Raviolist says:

One of my three rottweilers got out while my dad and I were taking in groceries. We didnt know he walked out so we shut the front door and locked it. About an hour later i heard a bang on the door and scratches. He was sitting there waiting to be let in. He didnt wander away. They are such smart dogs and such good friends.

Matthew Smollen says:

I like when the Rottweiler does a good job obeying his owner.

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