Rottweiler vs Doberman Dog Breed !!

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What are the main differences in the two breeds? Compare Dobermann vs Rottweiler Dog Breed!!!!!
when you can find everything you need about dogs and specialty rottweilers
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Seema Verma says:

Doberman bigger than rottwilar

Seema Verma says:

Doberman is best

•Såråh Thҽ Chҽҽtαh• says:

I like the Dobermans so much😍

SAMSON S says:

I love Doberman

Jo Storms says:

Just a heads up, with photoshop you can choose Layer/Matting/Defringe to remove that white line around the dogs you cut out. @ :38 seconds

Mike Dee says:

I have to admit I favor the Rottweiler a bit more than the Doberman just because I've had two rotties in my life. Both females…one as a child and one as an adult. BUT, there's no denying BOTH breeds are versatile and make great dogs. Thing is you can't slack off, you HAVE to invest your time and energy with these breeds. You don't want to own a 80 to 120 pound beast you can't control…turns into a liability real quick and it's a lose/lose for everyone.

fabio38564pedreira !!!! says:

Gosto mais dos doberman por sua agilidade e agressividade e temperamento. Rotwailler e é muito pesado pra guarda em sítios chácaras e tal. Os doberman tem uma coisa que eu acho diferenciado ele é muito atento a tudo é a todos isso já é deles!!!!

A2Z Dog knowledge says:

Nice wonderful

Guillermo Villalobos says:

Doberman's bite force is twice of a rottweiler. A Doberman guard dog is known to easily break a man's forearm.

Oken says:

Rottweiler can from 35 to 60 kg

Oken says:

Lol Doberman male can weight to 50 kg

İbrahim Direk says:

pitbullar çok saldırgan ve çene yapısı güçlüdür 1-2 ton ağırlık çekmektedir

Absalon945 Fram says:

Esta muy bonito el rotwaler

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