Rottweiler vs Cattle

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Apparently Rottweilers have a natural herding instinct.. we put it to the test with hilarious results. Filmed in beautiful New Zealand!


Adalberto ventura says:


games TV says:

Kkkkkkkkkkkkk oleeee


Coloca um fila brasileiro, pois o fila e o melhor pra gado. Esse aí não presta, kkk

Anubis R says:

Da doggie likes being chased 😛😛

judamago says:

Que hermoso perro!!!

Geog M. says:

music too loud.

F.offandstopasking mequestions says:

Who's a good boy!!

Denise Mitchell says:

luv this RIP King Maximus my champion Bull Mastiff Rottie best dog ever

LostInABook says:

Is… is he playing with them? Well they're trying to kill him…

Plat NRG says:

I wish the background music was, fuck this shit I'm out

Ardis Gacek says:

One of my favorite videos. This is a rottweiler at it's finest. I always come back to it.

riverice7 says:

Rottweiler are not shepherd dogs dumb people! They are guard dogs bred for that.

Franco Cepeda says:

What would happen if the cows actually caught him? lol

Denat says:

This music should be banned

Austin Mallory says:

never seen cows herded like that lol

Sally May says:

And so much fun was had by all! 🙂

Kekko Elle KE1 says:


LittleIra Gaming says:

jerk why dont you treat your dog how you want to be treated

Michael Smith says:

These are some aggressive cows! Usually cows are more cautious of a dog from what I have seen.

Mike says:

Lol, but he is still only young 🙂

Big E says:

1:03 that rottie has moves

David Norwood says:

LOL, that is too funny.

ApplyOK says:

ladies person

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