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Oscar Mora of Elevated Canine, an accomplished and well respected trainer here in Southern California, shares his experience with Luca his Rottweiler and Guapo his Belgian Malinois. He goes over the physical, mental, special talents of both breeds in regards to protection work.


Shane Gill says:

Why not just keep the rott breed chunkier and keep the doberman for this purpose which is what it was bred for rather then slimming a rott down to doberman size.. we are just gonna have a mish mash of breeding stock. Why not keep the rott what its supposed to be a bulky dog. A butchers dog. A cart puller and multi purpose dog. Self protection of this category should be the doberman.

Pio B says:

Can you make a video of the Belgian Tervuren?

Keith Carey says:

malinos drives are over bred too high.ok son… Rottweiler bred to be calm controllable with wait and see attitude.its why Rottweiler si versatile and malinos is pretty worthless to normal people.rottweiler will save your life and has in very many ways saved humans.mslinos will still be running around yard like idiot.. there's the truth. my friends 75 lb female Rottweiler back in 80s survived in wild for 3 months,hunters farmers coyote's you name it..I'd like to see your malinos survive 3 months in wild I doubt it could .same dog would jump on strangers car hood and go Window to Window and not let them out. how much training? none all natural.

Keith Carey says:

here's the difference moron.. Rottweiler will jump thru fire after he understands why..a retarded gsd and malinos will do it out of obedient servant me anyone who jumps over a cliff is stupid, unless they know it's important. do you really think that Rottweiler who has done every job known to man is less intelligent cause he's I don't think so.they have taken abused Rottweilers and trained them to jump thru fire rings.

Charlie Digeronimo says:

So where can you find rotweiler like this? That type of dog would be perfect for what I'd want in a dog.

Dine Lalumiere says:

Wow what an amazing one! Thanks Zecke!!

MEP says:

Awesome video. That rottie is SOOOOO nice. Supper cut and agile looking.

David Norwood says:

24” fit male rott won’t be 110#, More like 90#
Intelligent man, knows his dogs

hdjc86 says:

Great interview. Would love to hear from the pros what kind of maintenance/time commitment it takes to keep a protection dog for the family. I'm assuming it takes some time to lay a foundation, and then some amount of maintenance work with the trainer (hrs/month?) and the owner adopting some responsibilities.

hdjc86 says:

That Rotty appears to have the physical confirmation of an amstaff but with a more durable coat…is there a subgroup of breeders propagating this line? Seems like a great hiking/outdoor companion

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