Rottweiler Ultimate Protection – Compilation

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The Rottweiler is one of the oldest domestic dog breeds around. Originating in Germany, the history of this beloved dog breed goes all the way back to 70 A.D. Centuries later, it has become what we know today as the Rottweiler. The Rottweiler is considered to be a dog breed that is medium to large in size and in accordance to the FCI standard, it should be 61 to 69 cm in height. On the other hand, a female Rottweiler should be 56 to 63 cm tall. When it comes to weight, the average Rottweiler should be 110 to 132 lbs. if it is a male. For female Rotts, they should weigh between 77 to 105 lbs. Weight and height should be relative to one another.

Moving on to temperament and disposition, a Rottweiler is generally good-natured, composed, loyal, obedient and hardworking. It has a natural physical appearance and it is confident, sure and courageous in its behaviour. It is not uncommon for Rottweilers to be kept as guard dogs in many homes as they are a very alert dog breed. It is also a known fact that Rottweilers like to take their time when warming up to new company – whether dogs or humans and they have the tendency to be aloof.

Rottweilers will go to extremes to defend its home and family. They are used to working hard and are an excellent choice for either a companion or guardian dog. While undeniably there are records of dangerous behaviour in Rottweilers, typically this is a result of neglected, abused, or ill-training and socialisation. Rottweilers are not lacking in the strength department and this is why it is absolutely critical that they are trained and socialised in ample measure.


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