Rottweiler trying different Fruits+Veggies. First time! |13

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Bruno trying fruits and vegetables challenge. Lets just say other things were more interesting for him other than the food. Enjoy!

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M Marino says:

The way he spat that broccoli out 😂😂😂 he was like heck na dad, that's no beef chunks!

Erick Garcia says:

My Rottweiler died this year…he was 12 years lmost turned 13 but didn't make it …he loved eating fruits though….but always left out the veggies …he would eat the chicken but not the veggies lol…and he knew how to bring his plate/bowl when he wanted food or when he was told to bring it …very smart dogs

Y Vorius says:

The only vegetable my dog eat is bacon🤔🤔🤔 Bruno is awesome

Surya sankar says:


doge gamer says:

I love Bruno

t nguyen says:

He so adorable ! Especially with them paper plates

johanna Jacobo says:

My rotttie loves strawberries! My pit bull hated them!

Malik Gurganious says:

Strawberries and bananas are the best

Fabrizzio Rivera says:

I saw bruno when he was a baby wow hes big boy. my rottie is 1 year and 2 months and he is big boy. he got heavy so now I'm trying on vegetables as well

M Wooten says:

Haha, nice. My Rottie loved apples and carrots. I really enjoy watching Bruno.

Mateo Gurria says:

My favorite veggie is plate.

Abhishek Mishra says:

my rottie is a mango lover….. he jst love mangos and sweet dishes lmao but dont eat banana he spit it out

emily Johnson says:

Brunos thoughts "give me a steak plz😛

KenjiPlayGaming KPG says:

My brother doesnt eat vegtables and brunu does how please tell me how XD

Luis Corona says:

How old is he?

shifablue22 says:

Dude really strawberry? Not good for your dog

Jack says:

The way he steals the plate and runs off, my rottie Nelson does the exact same (with everything).

But he loves vegetables 🙂

12gaugebleachdrinker says:

Good boy Bruno!
My dog loves carrots. So much so that if she hears me crunch one, she runs into the kitchen. Also, she likes celery. I had a stick with my lunch one day and she heard the crunch of the celery. She ran to me and sat down. I showed her it wasn't a carrot but then she let out a little bark, so I bit her off a piece. Now she loves carrots and celery.
Another time, I was playing with her under a blanket. She wouldn't come out of the blanket so I said "Who wants a carrot?!" And she jumped out from under the blanket so fast I couldn't believe it.

Shadowboxe says:

Basically he likes the sweet things. Don't we all?

carlos david says:

,Bruno the boss!!! Love him

Jay Smith says:

Lil pump really don't care

Poko Piko says:

I watch the floor and i wanna get my cleaning stuff out of the closet

StingS says:

Awww so cute <3

Leha Khan says:

Haven't witnessed so much rejection of a good thing since Mike giggled and walked away when I told him I liked him in grade 6

christiana xtiana says:

Mine eats everything. Preferably donkey poop.

Dylan Rawr says:

All plates were harmed in the making of this video

DG ATL says:

I love Bruno

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