Rottweiler – Top 10 Interesting Facts

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Rottweilers were originally dogs bred to drive cattle to market. Later they were used to pull carts for butchers.
There are TOP 10 interesting facts about Rottweilers.


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1) History
Rottweilers rank as one of the most ancient breeds. They accompanied the Romans through Germany, driving their cattle and guarding outposts. Many were left behind and, in the town of Rottweil in southern Germany, they became the breed we know today. Rottweilers are considered to be in the mastiff family. Rottweilers were instrumental in the development of the Doberman Pinscher much later.
2) They Almost Extinct
Towards the middle of the 19th century, paved roads and railroads started to change how livestock was brought to market. Herding dogs were no longer needed when transporting cattle, so Rottweilers found themselves out of a job. The numbers of Rotties continued to dwindle and clubs disappeared. The breed almost vanished entirely, but a small group of breeders fought hard to keep them around. In the 20th century, the breed found a new purpose serving in the military and on police forces. Rottweilers were introduced to the United States in 1910 where their popularity continued to grow. Today, the Rottweiler is the 10th most popular breed in the United States.
3) Protectors
These dogs have a strong instinct to protect their loved ones. Rottweilers are natural, confident guardians. Potential intruders may be frightened off by your dog’s bark and large size, but if that’s not enough, then expect your dog to fiercely defend you and your home. The flip side to the safety your dog will provide is the need for caution when strangers come into your home or yard unexpectedly.
4) Training
Just like people, every Rottweiler is different. It’s very important to train your dog early and diligently to ensure a gentle pet. These are very powerful dogs and they need to be taught when to use that power and when to stand down. Thankfully, the dogs are very intelligent and eager to please, so training is fairly easy compared to the training needed for more aloof breeds. 
5) Strong Jaw
Thanks to their large head, Rottweilers have an impressively strong bite. Their jaws are stronger than German shepherds and pit bulls with a bite force of 328 pounds—that’s about half of a shark’s bite force, at 669 pounds.
6) Loyal Breed
Rottweilers have been bred as guard dogs, so they are known to form strong bonds with their owners. Often they will follow their family members from room to room. These loving dogs generally do not do well spending too much time by themselves and enjoy the company of others. Fiercely loyal, they have a strong guarding instinct that makes them very protective of their pack.
7) Working Dog
These intelligent and adaptable members of the Working Group have a strong willingness to work, making them well-suited to jobs such as police work or therapy dog. They also make great partners for many dog sports, including Schutzhund training, agility, carting, herding, and obedience. Participation in these kinds of activities will provide the exercise and mental stimulation your Rottweiler needs.
8) Color
Rottweilers are always black with the same brown markings on their chest, face, and paws. According to the American Kennel Club, the brown spots can come in three different variations: Rust, tan, and mahogany.
9) Exercise
This muscular dog needs some space and exercise: brisk daily walks, interactive romping sessions, and regular opportunities to stretch out and run. Mental exercise is even more important and appreciated. Mental exercise includes advanced obedience classes, agility classes, or even Schutzhund classes if your Rottie is from German Schutzhund lines.
10) Independent Mind
Most Rottweilers are inclined toward dominance and will test for position in the family pecking order. But they will respect an assertive owner who knows how to lead a strong-minded dog.



L L says:

Over the years I’ve had four. They’ve all been great, sweet, devoted, dogs.

L L says:

I have a Rottweiler. She is my fourth of this breed. Love,love,love them❤️

Sloan Kriwer says:

I have a german rottweiler

Fernando Zuniga says:

I just got one last week and everything is true. My Rottie is super loyal. 🙂

Here's Johnny says:

They’d fight tooth and nail for their owners but they know what’s going on around them too…very clever, they know the score👍😍

harshit shrivastava says:

Superb information !
I Love rotties 😘😍

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