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Bruno is forced to get a job. He tries out trucking at a local multi million dollar company. He enjoys the trucking, not so much getting in and out of the 18 wheeler truck though.


Nanban Nandhu says:

Bruno is german or serbian

Rose Smith says:

How did you get bruno out of that bad biting stage as a puppy my rottweiler puppy is consistent when he is play biting /teething/just biting to bite.


Bruno such cute boy ……. traveling in the truck..yeahh❤️❤️❤️❤️🐕🐕🐕😊

Kevin v. says:

Hey, a friend of mine is an over the road trucker and he wanted to take his German Shepherd with him so I built them a ramp. It is 18" wide and 80" long and I put 2 handles on it so my friend could lift it easily. I also covered the surface with carpet so he could get good footing when he climbed up into the cab. It works really well. You might try it if you are really thinking of taking Bruno with you.

Graci T says:

Bruno dad is so awesome. Thanks for taking Bruno on a truck ride.

Donald Milhoan says:

I enjoyed the truck ride with the snow was awesome. Bruno was so funny

Noei Natthanicha says:


Candice Ramales says:

I also have a rottweiler and its eight months old and its a boy and he’s super naughty boy and take care of your little sister

Princesa Villa says:

Amazing temperament ! My Rottweiler doesn’t like being lifted

Kody Smith says:

Yup been there before lol. We had rotts growing up as a kid and they would go ride in the truck when me and my dad went out on trips. Luckily we had a set of steps that we could lay on the top step of the truck and they would fold out to the ground and the dogs could use them to get in/out of the truck so we didnt have to lift them and they wouldnt try jumping. Then when they werent in use we could fold them up and put them up out of the way.

Rhonda Coxwell says:

In my past life, my driving partner and I had a Rotty they we bought in Missouri and raised on our tractor trailer. His name was Buddy and he luv'd the life.

Lisa McNeill says:

I had 2 Rotties about 20 yrs ago. They both loved ANYTHING with wheels. Cars, trucks, delivery vans, even the flat bed trailer… Jesse had a crush on the UPS driver, although that might be because he would eat his lunch in our south pasture at noontime. Bodie would cram himself into my little pickup, just to he could go to the bank (cookies, you see …he was a real charmer) Not every dog is good with travel but my 2 dogs always had such a good time.

Fire says:

Bruno looks cold. lol

Jean Miller says:

Bruno your the best❤❤

Cherie S. says:


Regan MacBannon Mason says:

YAY A new All Things Bruno. Bruno is a YouTube star. I'm one of his groupies. 🙂

13_Travis says:

Very beautiful !!!!!!

Delilah Gillis says:

Should have taken him when he was a puppy to get use to it.

Maya says:

This was awesome to watch. Thanks for sharing 😁

Marion Tia says:

Only a true owner could pick up his Rottweiler like that.👍😊
hes still a pup at heart.

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