Rottweiler Puppy Playing with Babies and Kids Compilation

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Rottweilers are very faithful dogs who never betray. These videos show how Rottweiler puppies playing with babies and kids.

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GrnXnham says:

Oops! Someone has had an accident! 1:18

alician starr says:

Stop making that werid noise 😂😂😂😂

Khmer Daily Life says:

lovely boy & dog

R.D Safire says:

Stop making dat weird noise…

pingufromindia says:

Rott puppies are so cute 😚

Roosevelt Raines jr says:

Thanks for this guy's remind s me of my rotti thore. I MIS him alot

Maxwell Liu says:

bring me to my childhood

joaquin Love says:


R33C3 says:

They look crap with tails!

your momma says:

Sweet 🙆👍

Willie Carter says:

A lot of Action!

Tina Brunet says:

I didn't like when that little girl laid on that poor dogs head and treating it too be mean isn't right

Rizwan Ismail says:

Lovely cute dogs

Nandar Sudarmo says:


Hugo Machado says:

Best friends in sight

MichaelsWorld says:


maiara Aparecida says:

Que coisa mais linda 😍

Adorn XdGamer says:

1:43 why u push him?!!😬😬😬😠😠😠

Mathew Hamel says:

Yeah, such vicious, angry and unpredictable dogs built for nothing gut mauling and killing.
Most would rather lick your skin off before they bite.

lauren torvz says:

ah that`s so lovely and sweet

kama x springtrap KEDAMODO says:

The one that’s said one at a time drake one at a time u don’t have to push hi. Including the girls after

Albert Wesker says:

and however dangerous to keep a dog close
to a newborn …. his vests can be
exchanged for those of a prey

murat basaroglu Karakurt says:

Agzini sıkıyim

Darth Stalker says:

Dogs are more human than most humans.

Dino Rawr says:

Awe I used to have a Rottweiler named coal but he passes away when I was about 6

Flufford 35 says:

I watch all of your vids and love them all. I know you still don’t have too many subs but just keep up the good work. These are exactly the vids that make me smile. Thank you! 😊

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