Rottweiler puppies eating Raw Prey Diet – Raw meat for dogs and Rottweilers.

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Our Rottweiler puppies eat a raw prey diet with minimal vegtables. Dog do not get aggressive just because they eat meat or taste blood. that is a MYTH. All puppies would fight over food even if it was dog food.



Gowtham says:

My Rottie is 45 days old… Can I go with raw meat?

Hero Hour says:

why is there a towel on the floor? just wondering

Navi Singh says:

I have an rotti puppy who is separated from her mother after 3 weeks. please suggest me a homemade diet.

ramakrishna r says:

Very good feeding


Raw for life. Good on you for getting the organs as well!

Wheel of Ixion says:

0:28 what the hell was that a puppy growling at the age?

Lady Ammo says:

Dogs are domesticated animals. They eat vegetables as well.

Chris Nunya says:

I feed my Chihuahua "Killah" a raw diet and he's grown up to be a MONSTER the neighborhood Rottweiler is even afraid of him.

Tonna Strange says:

my puppy was born dec 2, 2014, she eats the blue dry food. how do you transition them to a raw diet and do you know you are feeding the right thing and amount

Erika Aldrich says:

Umm that's very young age for puppy to be growling. U should definitely look into that!

qbinn says:

When puppies are young do you start with boneless meat??
I have a 7wk rotti/pit that I wanna start raw meat diet.

johnRFC1872 says:

Can you please do more raw videos for your older dogs?

MsTokies says:

dude ive had dogs raiding my sweet carrots for years. anything sweet they will eat good for them more not


Aww! Theyre so cute!

Adel Aljasser says:

Hey please i went to the international hospital they told me raw food isnt good for puppies around 2-4 months i give them raw meat + eggs + broccoli and carrots so what do you think about that ? I want you opinion

powwowasu says:

Can you do a video on how/what you feed your older Rotties?

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