Rottweiler Protecting Babies and Kids Compilation

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Rottweilers typically enjoy the company of children and baby.

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Black Panther says:

I love Rottweilers so much

shashwat pandey says:

My 1st dog is a male rott..7 suckers tell they r vicious n aggressive to handle for 1st tym owners…. hez luv😍

Brady Tharp says:

Yeah. Let your small child put their hands in a Rottweilers mouth to pull out a toy. Smart

SLY SPY says:

You should never confuse your dog with his or hers natural instincts to protect . They do know the difference of real danger and fear by your anxiety and heartbeat but it's mean . That is the gift they give to us don't abuse it , one day you just may need it

Prince Justin says:

That's chop from GTA V

Chicky Chick says:

1:26 filipino

Rooster Adkins says:

I don’t see how people can say Rottweilers are one of the meanest and most uncontrollable dog breeds because I’ve had and been around Rottweilers my whole life and they are truly amazing dogs. My Rottweiler is a full blooded 172 pound teddy bear he’s been with me though my most best and worse times of my life and he’s ever left my side not even for a minute I’d do anything for him because he’s given me everything I love you rocky more then anything in this world

prasasti svara says:

My friends chihuahua are way more aggressive than my rotty . She's too gentle and sweet.

maizey clark says:

my friend got rid of her rottie when they had a baby and put him in a shelter poor guy!so i bought him back and gave him to them as a present and they said they would give him a chance and he was so good with the baby he protected her and never begged or barked at anything

Squelch Chich says:

1:50 what is that like a labraweiler

Simon 09ph says:

Rottweiler thinks: "If I protect my Owner,that means that I will protect His/Her Family!"
Owner (Good) Thinks: "WHO'S A GOOD BOY? WHO'S A GOOD BOY? Yes,you are!"
Owner(Bad) Thinks: "Who cares"
I Think: rottweilers…they are so understimed and mistreated. WHO THE F$CK WOULD HURT THEM!

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