Rottweiler meets German shepherd puppy |64

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Bruno meets his future best friend Mae! Mae is a 12 week old German Shepherd puppy. They had a blast!


AllthingsBruno says:

Make sure to follow bruno on Instagram!

Liz Martin says:

Love the captures lol "she's mean," but I like her lol. Great video Great dogs

cory greene says:

That cat should be teaching jujitsu lol

SlenderMan says:

Haha Gsd dogs re best dogs on this planet Earth 🌍🌎🌏

Александр Игоревич says:

she is beautiful! They were friends immediately.

John Crankshaft says:

Now get a Dobberman in there

Blades 22 says:

She will drive that rot crazy as she gets older, I have a 2 year old Male gsd, and now my female gsd is 6 months and 70 lbs. She wears her older brother out daily. Got your hands full lol. It's a good thing

moonie toonie says:

A rott and a German Shepard now your just spoiling me

alci lebron says:

I have a very nice rottweiler. Here I leave a link and if you like subscribe and like it it would help me a lot thanks a lot

manas giri says:

Superb GSD! Wow!

alci lebron says:

Lindo video de 👌

TST 89 says:

Awwwww! I’ve a GSD too, 7 months old. This is adorable! Need to set him up on play dates!

Anand Powerlifting says:

Bound for life already !! Pure love !! 👍👍🙏🙏🙌

John Rife says:

Awww the dog on the other side wants to play too.

Uncommon Angel says:

I am having a very hard time watching… So much camera movement… Getting motionsick. 😨

Antonius vd Klis says:

Just let them play..!

Alba The Great Dog says:

Is it your puppy? Edit: I thought it was just Bruno.

sudip chhetri says:

I love garman safed & Rotteiler

Amy Kite says:

I really wish Bruno could play with my G.S. He plays so nicely. Well done!

Regan MacBannon Mason says:

Please do NOT stop making these videos! Love the beautiful music you have in the background too. Hug Bruno and kiss him for me.

Avia and Bella says:

“My body my choice “ haha love it

erick smith says:

How much does he weigh now? My rottweiler is 9 months old female at 85lbs…

arnold ramirez says:

i love dogs,i have a mixed chiuhua with jack russel and i have another 1 but i dont knoq hes race but i love them

tomas aldente' says:

that's so beautiful to watch, thank you for sharing…

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