Rottweiler Love Baby Compilation NEW

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Rottweilers love their fur-less counterparts, babies.

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Tom E says:

To give everyone an understanding how well behaved these dogs are around kids. My Son one day dived off the couch onto my female while she was lying down! My female just got up and gave him a look like (really!) and walked over to another location and laid back down. (Of course, I scolded my son) but any other dog would have acted differently.

Vanessa Z says:

I love these videos! How in every clip the rotts are inside and very well socialized with the family. That's how it should be. Rotts are very good dogs. My favorite breed personally! They just need to be raised right and loved on.

Sankar Medhi says:

so so cute vedio …

luciano luapnea says:

padre coglione

Patriot 1776 says:

Best breed ever!

Geodxn says:

Big, tough, burly, and yet so gentle with babies, so sweet to watch

Elli Piiponniemi says:

Hyvä video

Darcie Michna says:

Yes I agree rotty and pit bulls do get bad raps rottys r my number one dog.

filipinofantasy says:

Big goofy softies

Adam Rasmussen says:

Careful, you could drown a baby with that many licks.

ariel montas says:

It's amazing that people are so afraid of this beautiful creature

My face is the antidote says:

Uhh….this is cute and all; but babies and dogs (especially Rottweilers and pit bulls) DO NOT mix. The baby does something stupid like grap it's tail or step on it's genitals; then the dog does something stupid and attacks it's owner's infant child; then the owner is angry and gets the dog executed…..

Just be safe and always monitor them please. These babies are too cute to be killed by the family dog. My heart with break

Moncler&Trues says:

You let your dog lick your baby face. Yuck

Manuel José Alvarez Viqueira says:

Mi gran a migo Fran mi rottweiler estés donde estés. Mi corazón está con Tigo

diane says:

I love that the kids are being so rough (pun not intended) but the rots are taking it

Zlatan C says:

They R gentle giants,,, love them

K Comm says:


Sheriff Burford T. Justice says:

Reminds me of Tegan my Rottie girl. When my daughter was little I used to put her in the play pen if I had to leave to change the laundry or something. Tegan would stand by the playpen and entertain her.

Mandatory says:

Awww!! Just got a Rot myself. My girlfriend n I have 2 kids– 5 and 8. Our puppy Rot is 2 months old. Already after the first day he's responding extremely well to positive reinforcement for positive behaviors and vise versa… I'm so lucky we randomly went into the pet store yesterday! Super calm!

Jack James-Powell says:

Growing up as a child right up until about 16 I thought these dogs were horrible and violent but my girlfriends Rottweiler is one of the most amazing dogs I've known. It all depends on how you raise a dog that determines its persona.

The Gamma Dude says:

4:31 lol emo baby

DigiDrifter says:

There is NO such thing as a bad breed of dog, only bad humans who make these wonderful dogs seem so nasty.

Farrah Ray says:

Of all the dogs I’ve owned and worked with the gentlest and most loving have been Rotties, I would trust my child with a Rottweiler over any other breed, period. I had one that would stand by my niece is a nephews as they were learning to walk so they could use her and her skin to pull themselves up to stand. They are the absolute best nanny dogs on the planet.

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