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Rottweilers are some of the most calm and confident dog breeds out there! Many people fear them, but they are extremely obedient, sweet and play well with others. I mean, look at those adorable faces!

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Sarah says:

The kangaroo and the Rottweiler awwwwww ❤️ The Kanga is like G’day maaaaaaateee! Haha so adorable 😘

Shane Fleming says:

2:51 doggo woofer with subwoofer minpin

T h i s i s N a t u s k i says:

I've had three (so far) in my lifetime and they were all huge mush piles! My favorite breed!

Goliath Technologies says:

Seen world? Rottweilers aren't dangerous.

KING J says:

The Rottweiler wasn't singing with the girl it was trying to tell her how horrible she is

Regina Phalange says:

They're really sweet dogs, but require firm training when they're young. Otherwise some might end up violent

Hikayu inoue says:

A pet kangaroo,

Zee Pulido says:

OMG the good boys with the otter and kitten! ❤

Thank you for this compilation, it only proves that owners have total control over how dogs can be. If a dog is raised and trained how to be around people, then the breed will not matter anymore. #ResponsibleDogParenthood

Modustollens1 says:

The only problem with the rottie as a breed is that they all, regardless of size/age/cleanliness, etc think they’re lap dogs.

Katie May says:

I had a rottweiler/vizsla mix when I was younger. He had the rottweiler build, but the temperament (and nose) of a vizsla. He was a sweet boy, pretty hyper, and probably the smartest dog I'll ever own. He's been gone for years now, but I still miss that big old lummox.

Luigi Bianco says:

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charissecoal says:

Aww i love to see all of these rotties that actually have tails!

NessaOfDorthonion says:

I've grown up with golden retrievers myself, but all dogs that are well trained can be good dogs. I love seeing animals and their personalities, and dogs are always a treat ❤

Shabby Dawson says:

Now i miss my rott Adi😔

Rummy Dragon says:

I need a springer spaniel compilation

Isabella Morris says:

I volunteer at a dog shelter and the only Rottweiler we have in my part of the kennels is a giant softie! Their temperaments really aren't inherently aggressive or angry

Carl Napp says:

The Rottweiler is the Mercedes amongst the dogs.

Janka Kojdová says:

Amazing doggies!I love doggies!🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤

Butters The Bean says:

I met one at Petco once, he so silly and tried to give me all the kisses.

Oliver D. says:

i grew up with rottweilers they are amazing and one of the dog breeds most dear to my heart
it's so sad that people think badly of them, when i was born my parents already had two (Rhana and Nicha) and later on we got a puppy (Kiara) and they were all so loving and sweet, i trusted them with my life and will always remember and love them so much

VJ CatGirl says:

My sweet baby angels OMG

Shickandruggoorangesenpai Shickandruggoorangesenpai says:

They’re one of my favourite dogs. I don’t understand how people can think all they do is attack.

Naive Sunshine says:

I love rotties so mush, they're my fav after dobies

Tobias Nguyen says:

if you raise them as a weapon you will get a weapon but if you raise them as a normal dog you will get a friend

Canadian Bears says:

5 Rotties in the same house? Man, you guys are safe

Quinnly_A1 says:

Iv literally grown up with rotties, they are sweet dogs and good family dogs. if you want a dog I'll recommend a rottie.

LaughNow CryLater says:

this reminds me when i was 12 years old. i blew into my dogs ears. and she attacked my face and her teeth almost caught my eye. everytime i see rotts i get the image of that day in my head and it gives me chills thru my spine.

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