Rottweiler Bruno meeting his baby Sister! |55

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Bruno met his future partner in crime. Her name is Olivia.
We are going very slow with introducing him to her. So far he is doing great!


Nancy Fondren says:

Does he know the word kisses? I would tell him kisses and let him lick her face. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl. ❤

David says:

congratulations on the baby girl🥳

Janet Tan says:

Congrats on your new baby girl. She is adorable. And Bruno will be a great big brother I’m sure.

Robert Bruzy says:

Congrats to all of you. I've been down the same road twice with my rotties. Big brother Bruno will do just fine.

no comment says:

the music is beautiful

chickapey says:

Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous and it's clear they are going to be best friends. He did such a great job … being such a big guy and Olivia being so tiny… Well done! When he stole her sock … that was the best lol lol Imagine all the treats he'll be getting once she is crawling and finds them lol

Nicolas C J says:

Congrats for the new member of your family. Bruno is such a good boy.

Herb says:

Guys I know you would love your baby and Bruno to bond like two humans but please be careful Bruno is still a dog and the baby is vulnerable.

Allthingsvadya says:

yooo, thats mad sketch…any ways, congrats guys

Danilo Darmanović says:



#allthinsbruno How old is Bruno? ??


That's not a chew toy hahaha .
He acts like a baby hahahahaha.

knucklesglam7 says:

Id let Bruno be all over my baby. Dogs know baby smell. Taking her into his pack. Hes a great dog. Congrats to the precious newborn.

Marion Tia says:

The way u raised Bruno(👍) no question as to how you'll show/teach him to be around ur new addition to ur family.

Marion Tia says:

Ok. I must & have to say……ur baby is ADORABLE!

Jill Collins says:

Congrats! Team BRUNO 🙂 you now have another member of your family to LOVE & PROTECT with your life!!Shout out from TEAM ROTTIE!

Robert Babik says:

Awesome video!!!

Aragon The Dog says:

It's so cute how Bruno is so careful and good to the baby ❤️❤️

M G says:

Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊. They are going to be best friends

Bagsy says:

I just want to hug Bruno, he’s such a good dog!!!

Lucieon says:

And that's how folks, Bruno was never seen ever again.

Lisa Lynn says:

whoa I felt mama bear at the end. Congratulations you guys.

raki feather says:

Oh… How lovely..😃. Congratulations from Germany💐… Now. a beautiful💕
big family.😘.. Bruno be careful of your sister… Protects you well. 🤗👶

krayzeejojo says:

Bruno: “C’mon get up on your feet already. I can’t pull new shenanigans on my own.”

Congrats, buddy. 🍻

Ana Tovar Avalos says:

Omg! Bruno is so sweet with his baby sister. Congratulations!!

zahnbuerste says:

Unbelievable. You do it all wrong. Hopefully your child will stay alive the next days.

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