Rottweiler breaking out of crate

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One of my Rottweilers learned a new trick today. She is able to break out of all the crates I own lol… Some back story because some of you guys need it… This was a rescue dog and had never been around humans for most of her life. The minute she was introduced to our family she immediately had separation anxiety because all she wanted was to be with the family. I couldn’t have her run loose in the house while we where at work and school. She was barely house broken and would get into all kinds of stuff which could become unsafe to her.


Miss Maya says:

she's smart as most rotties are
never been a fan of crates or confinement


good job Rotty

Amanda Pulley says:

also u could try a couple of metal key clips around the door

Amanda Pulley says:

lol i love how she licks the camera right when she gets out..

Jaya Maruthan says:

She's so smart!

Ric DeRosa says:

I have a rescue dog that is 1/2 rot, 1/2 shepard, she's learned to get out of the crate by flipping it and the door opens right up

nefarious77 says:

I'd recommend a Kennel Air professional crate. It has a door that requires to be lifted before it swing and uses a special cam lock.

J Godfrey says:

Not much can stop a big strong dog with a purpose.

Keisi&Pongo says:

She really doesn't like her crate lol

vinnie01 says:

sorry but how can people say that is vicious?

Joseph Ahrens says:

Ha I love how it waits for you to leave and then just busts out.

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