Rottweiler – A Quick How To Care Tips & Advice

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Rottweilers are big muscular dogs and they are considered as medium to large or large dog breeds. This video gives a quick overview of the most important points for taking care of your Rottweiler and how to care for your rottweiler puppy.

The following points has been covered in this video.

1. Feeding your Rottweiler

2. Health Care of a Rottweiler

3. Socializing A Rottweiler

4. Training A Rottweiler

5. Grooming A Rottweiler

6. Exercise A Rottweiler

7. Love your Rottweiler

We hope you will find the video informative and helpful. if you have any suggestions, write them down in the comments section.

The background images has been used from resources under creative commons zero CC0 – Labelled for commercial reuse, No attribution required.

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