Rottweiler – 30 Day Workout

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I wanted to build some muscle in my boy and I tried out this 30 day workout:

3x per week strength training (bite work 20-30 mins, pulling 15-30 mins or weights of up to 20% of the body weight of my dog)
2x per week cardio training (running or football 20-30 mins)

1x per week endurance training (swimming 30-60 mins)

It is best to alternate between strength exercises and cardio exercises and also change the exercise type to keep it fun and also switch up the muscle groups that are being trained. The resting day is also very important to give the dog a break.

(!) I am not an expert in dog physiology, I made up this workout based on my research online to build muscle in dogs.

I supplemented his food with 2g of protein (chicken or pork) per kg body weight of my dog, so 100g of pure protein per day.

(i) Very sorry about my first upload, the quality was very bad, something went wrong with the export.



Konata x Generdyn – Fight Back

I own no rights to this song, all credit goes to Konata x Generdyn.


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