Rottweiler – பண்புகள் (Information) – தமிழ்

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Rottweiler Dog Breed – Facts and Personality – Tamil Video

இந்த வீடியோ rottweiler பண்புகளை பற்றி பேசுகிறது

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Dinesh Kumar.V says:

Nice information about #Rottweiler Dog 👏… Last minute some background voice " Dai polam vaada…dei munduchuthaa..😄

Suman Thiyagarajan says:

Nice video bro…please do videos on other breeds also, especially german shepherds and labradors

ak ak says:

bro tell about pinmin dog bro

sauskey naresz says:

maintain a constant voice bro … apart from that its good

Saravanan Meenatchi editz videos says:

super information

Nammu David says:

Perfect bro.Neenga thaan correct ah sonninga.ive 4 Rottweilers 1 Lab and 1 Pug. Ellarum onna ora family ah thaan irrukanga.. Super Bro im really very happy to see your video and your message abt Rottweiler. Thank you so much.☺️

mervin prabhu says:

Want to speak with you bro


Bro is finch bird is illegal in india?

Pavan srinath says:

Anna do some vidio of
Pomerian puppy

Arvind Baskar says:

How to find purebred German shepherd? And where to buy it? Pls do this video ASAP.

Karthi Karthick says:

Bro pashmi hound breed pathi video podunga's a rare Indian breed ..I am having a puppy

Nithiya nanthan says:

U have any puppies.. Send contact number

Nithiya nanthan says:

Great effort….

kinGMaker FITness says:

Latin American Doberman pathi solunga bro

Pauls Sudan says:

And dog train pandraku efli nt agunu slunga broo

star gamer of eagle says:

How to breed parrot bro

Prem Kumar says:

Rajapalayam dog pathi slunga bro

bala murugan says:

Nice I am also having Rot puppy name max 10 months now very friendly and joyfull to all .

Mogesh Mogesh S says:

Sema bro super thanks your information bro

kumar praveen says:

German Shepherd pathi soluga

vignesh rocks vignesh vignesh rocks says:

I want rotwiller pup

kesavan guna says:

Good brother continue in dogs…

make usefull says:

no bro onga friends yarkkittayathu eruntha sollunga bro

clash of friends says:

Bro Rottweiler puppy price avalo bro

san jai says:

Epidi train panrathu nama nattu dog

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