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VOM HAUS BURNS ROTTWIELER KENNEL is one of the top Rottweiler kennels in the world. Their dogs all originate in Germany from the best available stock. And all their dogs are temperament, health and champed out in the show ring before they will breed them.


Animus Miles-Militis says:

Can you stop blowing smoke up your own arse and tell me the fucking difference!

Sophy The Rottweiler says:

I like Amira, I am sophy, can I get invitation to come there and meet you.

Whoak Honga says:

What was the explanation on the difference? Nothing was explained.

Monica Marsden says:

They are so smart and sweet

Red Eye rated R says:

The only thing i saw is long tail and short tail

Steevayn B. says:

where the hell did American rottweiler come from. there are no such thing like America, serbian or Germany rottweiler. All rottweiler come from Germany. There is only one type of rottweiler and that is German rott.

Juan Rodriguez says:

My boi yake way bigger full German rott

Corbin Dodge says:

Would have given your video a thumbs up…but gave it a thumbs down because the title doesn't match the content. The title says "Professional Rottweiler Breeder Explains the Difference Between German and American Rottweilers"…yet your video never addressed the differences. There are much better ways to market your business without sacrificing thumbs down for posting misleading content….

Robert Bradford says:

cheap sales tactic used to up sell.

BodalaWale says:

i dunno but i think rottweilers look better without their tail but still they are the best dogs

BlueWise NinjaOwl says:

I honestly prefer the German Working type Rottweiler, they so much more healthy then the show type bred for just looks. Live a lot longer and tones more endurance. So awesome dogs if you want to go out running and have a dog follow you for a few miles etc. They will stay by your side all the way with out a lead if properly trained, Faithful and loyal dogs too. They need to be raised properly though. Or could become difficult to handle

Me Myself And I says:

Ive noticed all these dog videos in USA, have one thing in common. The people put so much time, money and effort to train these dogs to attack someone incase they are in trouble. However, the reality is if all the American dog owners feel that unsafe and paranoid about intruders or being attacked on the streets then whats the point in living life. If it is that bad, you might as well cease to exist or leave ur country if you feel that unsafe. I live in england, we have rich multi millionaires here to that have dogs such as german shepards, rottweilers etc. However, it is very very rare that someone in England would put this much essence in training dogs like this. I get the feeling American citizens feel really insecure in their own country. In england the crime is very low compared to America and it is very rare to come across a gun in England. But these Americans if they are that paranoid get a bloody gun for protection. Simple.

cowboyfan dallas says:

looking for a girl akc papers

Sammy Watkinsii says:

Do y’all dock the tails ?

Andrew M says:

The long tails are ugly……..

Lapis Mosi says:

I like that you don't dock your dogs' tails. My rottie was docked before I got him; wish he had his tail. And I agree with all the comments about you not explaining the difference between German vs American Rottweilers. Maybe change your title to "Bloodlines of Vom Haus Burns Kennel."

ZEDsoloMIDorAFK says:

What is the difference between german and american rotweilers you bragging biatch

Will Rogers says:

Rottie vs cane corso

robert Fargeta says:

4500$$ to 5000$ for a puppy wow

zerox187 says:

Your dogs have such cool names, nek minute, muh name Jeff.

Raising Rotties says:


BlackPhoenix623 says:

Title needs to be changed. Seriously

Ashley Campos says:

ALL he did was brag lol beautiful dogs!

djcookie232302 , says:

Mine is 100% Dominican

Okcool LABRADOR/Gamer says:

Im a labrador owner and i make little vlogs with my black lab. So im asking if you wonderful ppl can check out my youtube channel. im working hard on starting my channel. a sub would really make my day. THANK YOU!

Bluesidian says:

Wheres the Description of the differences with an American and a German Rottweiler ??      All this was is some dude bragging about his dogs!!  what a waist of time!

Marissa Bennett says:

American rotweiler s have the average length and with head size of a normal medium breed live a retriever, but German rotweilers have wider heads and fairly skinnyer body’s.

Marissa Bennett says:

OML this is the dog breeders I’m going to tomorrow to get a rotweiler puppy And I just found this randomly😂😂

Xx_Bolbi_xX says:

Why do people show dogs? I'm pretty sure some abuse the dogs (correct me if I'm wrong) and what good does it do? I see why they do protection work, but why shhow them off?


This video is lame

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