Preparing for a Rottweiler Puppy TIPS

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I hope this video helps you get prepared for your Rottweiler puppy 🙂 or maybe help you out with the puppy you have right now

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ASMR shadow says:

A new puppy for capitan I think that would be amazing giving him a sibling I hope your do well

Thomas Savasta says:

Metzgerhund: butchers dog , before they were called Rottweiler. Titus enjoys meat scraps when I make sausage with my new grinder. Rottweilers are invisible outside in the night. Rottweilers give more love than most dogs. Sometimes Titus can get a little rough when excited, often referred to as "Rottweiler love" big woof to the Capitan from Titus!

Selene Celestial says:

I really love rottweilers

ONE WAY AK says:

You are gorgeous 🥵🥵🥵🥵 and Rottweiler is my dream dog but my parents don’t even like dogs they won’t even let him come in the house so I got a pitbull and they keep him in the backyard for the most of time

Art Luna says:

New to the channel. Did you ever prepare for parvo?also what dog food do you feed him?
Good looking dog.results speak for themselves.

sundancer says:

Can you do a video with you outside walking caption

Seth Sanders says:


Jill Collins says:

GOOD VIDEO!!Helpful for the first time puppy or dog owner..check Bella the Rottie girl out,she has a new brother Samson…..

Rottimail says:

Aw, I'm bummed. I thought you were getting another Rotti. Capian would love a brother or sister I bet. If my circumstances were different I'd get three Rottweilers (is it "Rotti" or "Rottie"). I am bummed that I can't have another Rotti since my Lucy died.

Rahul Sanjiv Kumar says:

Bro ive been watching all your videos thinking you had well over 100,000 subs?! Your videos are great! Keep going girl cant wait for you to blow up 🙂

Trish Higgerson says:

I got my rottie chipped too. Such a great idea, especially since she is a expensive breed and unfortunately people steal. Yes always clean up after your dog! Such more ownership if you do not. I totally agree you start with nails, touching and grooming at a young age. I started my girl at 6 weeks. My rott had puppy acne too! Plus you should never use a plastic bowl to feed or drink. I am pro prong collars. We have a small one, not a large scary one but enough to always have control while in public or walking since she is so strong and powerful breed. Its always more convenient to give a quick correction instead of things leading to a situation that you can't control. You just never know what you will encounter while out. Socialize Socialize Socialize train train train leadership leadership leadership are the #1 step in owning a powerful breed such as a rott. Lots of time and dedication. That's why these breeds have such a negative reputation bc of poor ownership. Its not the breed itself, its the owner.

jon saboori says:

I want a Rott pup ❤️

Aaryan Belliappa says:

Amazing video!!!

#whatever says:

Aww I thought she was getting capiton a sibling

louis johnson says:

I actually have a rottweiler puppy his name is King and he's 3 months usually he'll eat outside but sometimes he'll go inside and eat he's a very sweet dog but at this age he's protective funny thing is his sister is actually next door she is 1 and 1/2 years old Rottweiler and I can't wait to find out when King is going to be so big

Ernesto Avelar says:

I’m still undecided whether I should get a rottie or German shepherd I love both breeds

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