Playing with my Rottweiler

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Panthaaz says:

Niggas in India doin some wwe shit

Raphael Metzler says:

Thus Dog is only evil whi you teach IT him 😤

Neerja Massey says:

nh mila any video send me link.

Neerja Massey says:

kabhi isko love krne wali video bh banao hamesha ladai ya marne wali videos banate bechara bolt

Surendar Varma says:

Bhai eski peraij kitne he


I love you Rottweiler


Wtf are u hiting the dog for i would fuck you up u cunt😠

Joginder Dahiya says:

Era o kesaio playing kro AK maro ho


4:56 hahhahaha

mohan reddy says:

Bro my Rottweiler was also like your rottweiler

Rita Sharma says:

Mera golden retriever #tyson cooler ke saamne mere sath sota hai mom bhaghati hia but hat ta hi nhi..😂😂 same apke mr. Bolt ki trh jaise aap use bed se utar te ho…😂😂

Shikha Raghav says:

How much prize

Neerja Massey says:

maro mat pls usko

Neerja Massey says:

what is happening here lol

Neerja Massey says:

bolt is so intelligent

Techo Tech Hindi says:

48 second I think it was free porn

Bharath Kumar says:

I need Rottweiler puppy
Where vll I get n how much


Very nice..

Prabodh Nagar says:

Yai kitne saal ka hai

Yatharth Jetha says:

Are you trying to kill him

om Chaturvedi says:

Kitne saal ka hai bolt??

my info says:

Please use body belt rather than neck belt. Dog is not Safe with neck belt.

m divya2006 says:

Hi can u subscribe to me please

Karan Shinde says:

Miss 😔😔my dog ..🐶 ..

Nidhi Sharma says:

Nice. So cute

Rohit Yadav says:

you have 606 unlikes .why? your videos are so good but people are unliking

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