Pitbull VS Rottweiler Very Dangerous Fight | Rottweiler VS Pitbull Real Fight – Dogs Biography

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Pitbull VS Rottweiler Very Dangerous Fight | Rottweiler VS Pitbull Real Fight – Dogs Biography

Hello dostoo in this video i am taking about rottweiler vs pitbull dangerous fight so plz enjoy the video

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Family First says:

Just for knowledge both those rottweilers were puppies. Maybe 8-10 months old.

Suman pradhan Pradhan says:

Baat Thora kaam kar, sapko malum Hai, agar baat kaam karega, taabi to thik see dekh paunga.
Na thikh see vedio dekha ta bhi nehi Hai.


Ne konuşuyon a.

Anurag shaw says:

Rottweiler win

Harry Kinno says:


Vikram Singh Rajput says:

Rottweiler faaad dega kisi bhi pitbull ko.

Eugene Blyther says:

When your bored nd browsing videos on YouTube ND u come across this lol

Garvnish Bhardwaj says:

Roattwieller bolna sikhle pehle fir video banaye kar

Gian Kyle Villamin says:

Pakyu ka ah Hindi ka tumitigil magsalita

dogs4life says:

Rott wheeler 😂😂😂😂. Bolna to seekh ke

Ashish Tripathi says:

kuch bhi video bana deta hai

jigar brahmbhatt says:

Bhai ye mera video dala hai tune. Ye jo black pitbull hai vo mera hai and his name is hunter. Please remove my video from your channel.

Brand Nhi branded says:

Rottweiler muscular hai

Oof Crafter says:

Yeah, my pitbull cant even win a fight against a pug… i think

Khushi Sharma says:

Abe Tu pagal hai kya kuch bhi bolta hai rottweiler pitbull se aggressive strong , muscular hota hai is video me rottweiler baccha hai bhai to kuch bhi bolta hai ye video ko correct kaar.

sahil 163 says:

pitbull vs st bernard

Ravil t14 says:

Wrong thinking fight with two dog that's a dangerous stopping this fool

Ashok Kumarpal Pal says:

Mere pass Jo Pitbull he vo to haar jata he

Rouslin Begum says:

Pitbull vs boxer

Ashok Tripathi says:

Rottweiler vs wolf fight please make video

Afghan kuchi Dog TV says:


sanjay kumar says:

Ek no. Ka chutiya h tu

deneel199 k says:

Kangnal shapard vs pitbull

Krishna Mallick says:

Sir Rottweiler best dog lagta hai mujhe or mai chote bacho ke liye nhi le pa rha hu

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