The first Rottweiler was imported into the UK in 1936 by Mrs Phil (Thelma) Gray of the Rozavel kennels. This bitch was called Rozavel Diana von der Amalienburg SchH I born in May 1934 but [More]
2 rottweilers enjoying the water
This unlucky python picked the wrong farm to raid – it had three pet rottweillers that were waiting to attack it. The 14ft long snaked slithered into the yard next to pig pens at the [More]
This is my nephew’s Rottweiler (Rufus, the large one) and mine (Lea), both 4 years old, playing. They play every day they are together. It’s tug of war in the first part and wrestling in [More]
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Huge Rottweilers attacking a German Shepherd or Husky that was dumb enough to get too close to their territory.
Rottweilers Attack German Shepherd or Husky
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