My Rottweiler is too lazy : [ Bolt ]

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Baljinder Singh says:

ha ha ha ha ha

Junu Tamang says:

I don't have any dogs😞😞😞

ratnpriya mani says:

soooooo lazy

Neeti Saini says:

The way you pulled your friend was not good…it hurts them too…

Priyansh Shrivastava says:

aise mt kheech bhai…

Acting Auditions of mohammad hanif says:

😎👌 He is still so active.. I mean when u pulled him getly ,darwaze ke pass pahuchte he, he was squeezing his legs back 😎. Neend mai bhi Active.
Amazing dog !!

-Tox1city- says:

My mom when i get bad marks 😂😂

It's a joke 😂😂😂

Alfa Male says:

He is not lazy he is just posti.

vicky hell says:

hehehehe so funny

Swati Aggarwal says:


twinkle moolchandani says:


sruthi sujilesh says:

Polichu…… So cute

Manu Rocks says:

Dog : (final moment look) -Let me sleep…why d hell have u bought me here..!!😨😂😂

U knw wat…I was used to pull ma cat such a way…n it wud goo furthr LAZY….Unfortunately.. i miss dat nw..cuz ma cutiee was xpired due to sme intestinal disorder…n we were helpless..

Take care of ur dog..god bless u ppl…😅

Papiya Das says:

Ata kora akdom thik hoy ne

Vishal Kasotiya says:

यार तुम उसे टांगे पकड़ कर जबरन घसीट रहे हो ,इसमे वो लेजी कहांं से हो गया……

haider shah says:



Dude don't pull him like that. You could dislocate his arm

tanvi sagar says:

aise ni pakadte dogs ko unke hath me problem ho skti hai

Татьяна Сапего says:


Superación Personal con Lakshmi says:

Cute. I think he feels good when he is being pulled lol.

Cheryl D'Costa says:

My Doberman pet's name is also bolt

Dipinty Nag says:

Ha ha ha ha ha


Sir aapka rottweiler bht hi pyaara aur accha h plz aisi koi video banaao ki unko aisi training kaise de…

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