My Rottweiler is not listening me & My Niece : [ Bolt ]

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Neha Goswami says:

Nice ,where are you live

vishhnoo sai says:

Bro i want to steal ur bolt👌

Somesh Saxena says:

Bhai isska giveaway krdo 😂😂

Nupur Tailor says:

He is so clueless yaha ke bahar kyu leke jaa rahe hai. 🙂

lone wolf says:

Tera niece cute he bhai, usko Rottweiler se dur rakho bacha he ab woh

Anees Hussain says:

Ur dog looks so friendly… I also want have a dog but my prblm is whr to train him to do potty bcos at our surroundings there is no proper access, if I bring dog to do potty ppl will restrict him. So is it possible to train dog to do potty in our toilets at our home itself… Any suggestions pls.

SanskritiDhruv Sharma says:

Sir pls do a qna

Shampa Maity says:

Apka dog very cute hai…. 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Jyothis Chacko says:


Christopher r says:

so cute… but dnt let ur kid for any playfull cruel activity.. rots will not be same altym…

whatever tech says:

It's friendly but I have one question for you it's friendly so I don't think it will guard the house

SanskritiDhruv Sharma says:

I Love your video bolt

satya das says:

Why r u dragging him…give some food as greed instead

Vikrant Rautela says:

sale kitna pareshan karta h tu apne kutte ko bezuban h vo khlne m aur pareshan karne m bohat farak hota h but your are an idiot

pihu Sethi says:

bolt ko bhi grmi lgti ha .. he love Ac.. dont sent him out.. plz….. he is so cute..😂😂

Tushar Chaudhari says:

Nice little baby and very lazy rotti but good I love dog very much I have lab and he also mude

akash kumar says:

bhai mera wala v bahut lazy hai…jab tak mood na ho kuchh sunta hi nahi

shraddha pawar says:

😠😠😠😠What the fuck are you doing? Dude, I have commented a hundred times to not do anything wrong with your pet. Just for making videos you are doing shit like this. That's it. Today, you have lost one subscriber. I just hope Bolt gets a better home. Because YOU, my friend, are NEVER treating him right. I wish the best for him. Goodbye.

priyanka sapkal says:

Bolt sun kyu Nahi raha aap ki baat,🤔 . …. But really he is such a nauughty.. cutiiiIi

priyanka sapkal says:

Ye kya kar rahe ho aap 😲

Syam Siah says:

Brother i fokus with you daugther, so prity she…

Shriyam Mishra says:, please guys subscribe me

vansh bhasin says:

Bolt konsa dog food khata hai? Tell Me

Shikha Trivedi says:

Hrjehehe dum laga k haisa 😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅so cuuute bolt is too strong

Ravi Mali says:

Bro aren't u hurting ur bolt??

Hdjsjsdj Shshhshshedh says:

Help jahiye aap se

Yokk PuvanaiP says:

Haha, Really cute. 🐕🐶😆

Titiksha Sinha says:


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