MOST DANGEROUS DOG Rottweiler Compilation

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Check out these funny rottweiler videos and discover the true character of the rottweiler.

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Aphmau is cool Is cool says:


Alex gaming says:

That's not a dangerous dog,it dippens on how you treat them

Jumpoff A says:

My Rottie does the same thing in all the videos, including chewing things up. Thank God he is starting to out grow the chewing phase. LOL

TerriRae says:

You don’t want to excite a rottie in your home.
Home is chillville. Period.
Crate any of your dogs when you leave.
They don’t have to be rotties.
Both of our 60+ lb dogs are crated when we can’t take them.
For some reason they’re more behaved in our VW vans and pickup truck then in the home.
I don’t get it.
Their separation anxiety is stronger in the house than in the cars.
We need to leave them in the house for 5-10 minutes. Come back home 🏠
Ugg. I’m tired.
Goodnight all 🌙🌓🌈☄️

Jessica Merraz says:

Stop making Rottweilers look like terrible, scary dogs.

Shinji says:

Terrifyingly ravenous!

Giải trí nhỏ says:

intelligent dog !

cyber bully says:

So how do you retrain them..?

Liam Jones says:

Thank you for be nice to me and I love you guys so much and I thank all off you guys are very nice good people and well done you guys for doing your video

Larry Jr. says:

Jow is that a dangerous dog

Liam Jones says:

I love your nice calm dog video and I am very impress with you for doing your very sweet video and I love dogs to

How to make school supplies 123 says:

Hey big fan

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