How to take care of a Rottweiler puppy | Rottweiler dog features

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Rottweilers are large size breed and they grow into a powerful dogs. This video describes the important points which should be considered while taking care of them.

The Rottweilers are a breed of domestic dogs regarded as medium to large or large. They were used to drive cattles to the market. However, later they were used to pull carts for butchers and that’s why in German, they were known as “Rottweiler Metzgerhund” which means rottweiler butcher dogs.

Like all other dogs, Rottis need to be taken care of. They are sensitive and friendly dogs and they need an attention from their owners.

The clips used in the video has been made with own resources and are used with permission.

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Vishnu Priya says:

gave the advice in tamil

Shreyash Singh says:

Great documentry
Appreciate it.

Joshua Arthur says:

Someone doesn't know as much as they think….

c west says:

if I want to read it then I'll just Google it.. That's what YouTube is for so we can hear you explain it.

Sumukhi Handicrafts says:

never sterilize animals, you dumb motherfuckers.

Allan Reyes says:

I really want this breed, they're so gorgeous but im a newbie at this so i'll get Chow Chow first then maybe in the future i'll get original german rottie 🙂

triple X says:

fuking rottweiler puppies are so cute. Got a grown man grinning

Brax says:

Beautiful breed, that's what they should all be doing. Enjoying life 💖🌟💖🌟

Mariahh Rblx says:

My humped my ball when i let him play with it

Tori Rodriguez says:

background music sounds like a porn ..

deva mahes says:

everbody saying its very dangerous dog…even its bits his family members is it true ???

Brent Hughes says:

Parvovirus shots super important starts at 8 weeks

Lanny says:

Finally a video that isn't about wether a rottweiler or a pitbull would win

Santiago Rodriguez Guillen says:

butcher dogs….they were called that because when the butcher went somewhere else, the Rottweiler guarded his money

AreFallout says:

Why neuter? Why not be responsible and not chop off bits of your dogs.

Jazz the Ghost says:

man i love this dog breed but so many health problem…does this dog run many problems in real life??? please help

Daniel St John says:

good video. BUT I'm not a big fan on regular vaccines and definately against neutering. I've seen many suffer with problems after it

NamisIll says:

I like the fact you did not dock the tail ,removing dew claws and  cutting off tails or surgery on ears is totally unessary

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