German Shepherd Vs Rottweilers

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Alright? While i was in the park today with Saber made some new friends, rottweiler sisters Zara & Sasha. Hope you enjoy this one guys. Beach vlog should go out Friday. Please like and subscribe for more.
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MarcelM40 says:

I Love GSD And Rottweilers but Unfortunately rottweilers have a very bad rep in Germany for being Fighting dogs and being too Aggressive which is not true the are lovely Dogs If Well trained

War Boy says:

5:10 his balls 😂

Shirley Ann says:

I recently (in December) got a puppy, he's a husky, german shepherd, Rottweiler mix, he has blue eyes (like the husky) the body shape of the German shepherd & floppy ears like the Rottweiler, although one Ear does tend to stand up sometimes but flops down again, I would put a pic here of him but as this is YouTube you can't, he's 14 weeks old now

Matt Kilmain says:

Where did u purchase your German Shepherd

Rice gum fan says:

It will be better to get a German shepherd than a phone

David Burgos says:

My name is Zaraphina
I like the dog

Pornpinit Wittayanont says:

Love this video!!! U have done well training ur dog! He's so cute and kind German Shepard!!!

Yuvraj Moondian - Herb Campbell PS (1464) says:

I just love watching how GSD and Rottweilers playing together

Renu Meena says:

how cool rottweilers and GSD

SokemRokemRobot says:

Instead of using a tennis ball, buy a rubber ball from a pet store for playing fetch (mine is orange w/ a blue stripe going around it)… it has more action. They cost more, but it's worth it… and they're more durable than a tennis ball.

Freya julian says:

are any of the rotwillers a boy

drphibesrises says:

Saber looks like my last GSD Moritz. I am getting two new puppies, brother and sister and I am very excited. You and your wife love Saber and we all do, who couldn't. You take very good care of him. What a nice park you have to play. Thanks.

Rip Il says:

Hey, what's the height and weight of your shepherd ?

charissecoal says:

Ooh Saber got 2 girlfriends!

Lo_vlogo -LV says:

Saber is very loyal and playful with other dogs

Clash With Kristi says:

Jó lett szép kutya

Ram Vaswani says:

Does he have hip issues? I see Saber dragging his rear feet sometimes. Our shepherd had same issue and turned out to be arthritis 🙁

RpetsAndUs says:

Lovely dogs!

Marian Zupko says:

Beautiful dogs 😊 Do you have Instagram account?

Nik BikGames says:

I want to be like this guy i hope he will write to me 🙂

liverpuul25 says:

i love youre mate

Katy Girl den says:

So great to see Saber getting on so well with other dogs. You've done a wonderful job. I love how exhausted they all were. Tired dogs are good dogs!

Arya's Kill List says:

I love these Saber videos. Nothing's better than seeing a happy, healthy, well cared for, handsome GSD. When you told him to spin, he gave you that look that all kids give their parents in public. Like he was saying "Daaad! Stop. You're embarrassing me". LOL

Hrithik G says:

u deserve more subs

Hrithik G says:

hey man..!! Should I get a German shepherd.??

xpert_ gamer says:

we want daily vlogs

BS Toh says:

Great vid. Happy to see Saber getting along with other dogs. Is he OK with other males too?

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