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Guard Dog VS Guard Dogs

GSD guarding a convenience store, meets cage muzzled Gladiator style Rottweilers face to face. See this epic battle of dominance almost get out of hand, and why it’s a good idea to know when, where and why to muzzle guard style dogs.


BW #3000 says:

Props 2 the sheaperd for having the courage 2 charge at 2 big rotties

Pungea Alin says:

Gsd: If you bitches join here, i weel brock your legs!!!

Pungea Alin says:

Thst gsd is most brave dog i ever seen

Cno says:

If you're dog is properly trained you wouldn't need muzzle

Nelson Ventura says:

pit bulls are the 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Just Monika. says:

This is disgusting.

Stefan Salvatore says:

The german shepherd wouldve ripped both your dogs apart
He was doing his job
Gsds are bigger smarter
Rotties are shit

Sheriff's office says:

German shepherds are great dogs but no way they come close to the jaw power that rottweilers have no dogs were harmed so that's what matters i have an central asian shepherd alabai he's a walking couch he would fuck all 3 of those dogs but no need to talk shit to other dogs i love them all

Mateyas Alem says:

can you please work these dogs out man they are super out of shape

Baji Mantis says:

So the Rotts can't defend themselves- that is foolish.

Allen 23 says:

German Shepherd would tear apart a rott especially if they’re protecting their own.

Niki Slechten says:

Well it's for you're best interest you don't try that with my German shepherd cause he really charges and attacks other dogs and strangers

Christian Brown says:

Your dog wears a muzzle cause they are jumpy and you and no one can hold a Rotty full go a rotty at full go can pull multiple trucks worth of weight they are no joke, your dogs suck and that German Shepherd was just using scare tactics

ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᑕᒪOᑌᗪ says:

dude you own fighting dogs and they don’t even go down on command instantly? what’s wrong w you haha train them properly

Nathan Maassen says:

To a rotty that looks like lunch!!!!

lexy holm says:

What a fucking idiot with his two overweight rottweilers…bring your pussy dogs to my house and see what my shepherd does to your pussy dogs the German shepherd had no fear dumass

rudy cabrera says:

I'm happy the comment section is responding and got the same vibe i got from the guy.

Drizzy says:

If there was 2 of the GS they would of destroyed then rotts😭 that dog showed no fear what so ever lol! He was like I’ll fuck you both up😂(Obviously he wouldn’t) but not a fair fight tbh then when the dude starts talking shit is hilarious

GD ManofSteel says:

The German shepherd was lucky they had mussels

bah zira says:

that gsd will fuck your rotties…. for sure

Guide says:

Why get a gsd as a guard dog. Why not something bigger like a kangal, why an average sized dog

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