German rottweiler Vs Serbian rottweiler comparison in Tamil / எது சிரந்த ரகம்

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In this video we discussed about German rottweiler and Serbian rottweiler

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Kavin Kumar says:

Brother, inntha doute ennaku roomba nalla irunthuthu.. Neenga tha Frist ithuku video pottinga.. Thankyou brother 🤝.. keep rocking 😘


Bro what about America rottweiler

eswar moothy says:

Cane corso dog how to import Nu soluga bro

Suriya Dhasan says:

American type pannunga bro

bala krish tv says:

Serbian rottweiler.. evlo bro .. and naa Cuddalore district enga vangalam?

Nagendranath K says:

Give more details about Rottweiler

BORN to LOOT gaming says:

Bro can you make this video in hindi language by the way which is best Siberian rottweiler or German rottweiler

Tharun Sridhar says:

Serabian Rottweiler tail

sathy Arthi says:

Please give your number please

Sathiyaseelan Siva says:

Bro owner serbian Rottweilera hit panna attack pannumaa

Sathiyaseelan Siva says:

What’s friendly Rottweiler

Sathiyaseelan Siva says:

Thanks 🙏 thanks 🙏


Bro about doberman bro

Elumalai S says:

Bro neenga sonnamari serbian rottwiler vangivalatha oru Nalla frienda errukmabro engaveetula children irukungamosta Ashikaga than vangrathu bro

John Son says:

American Rottweiler dog full vedio poduga

Sabarish Geetha says:

Could u pls make a video for leg bend curing

Nagendranath K says:

Bro I need Rottweiler puppy can u suggest me in Coimbatore any pet shops

Vairamani A says:

Good Puppies available places bro

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