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Clayton Kershaw (feat. Evan Coles) by David Amber
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Jordan Read says:

1:50 fucking mosh pit lol

Judy Hancock says:

my first rott lived to 8, cancer of the spleen. mourned 3 months, still cry when i think of her. i would not have believed it but a good, wise friend insisted i get another. wouldn't think of it. but he was right, the only cure to loosing your beloved rotty is a rottweiler.

Aston Crabtree 101 says:

I have two of them. they are so cool.

PreciousLibbyD Hyde says:

i love rottweilers always in my heart ill never change it

Melanie Hossler says:

Absolutely LOVED them ALL! My rottie died almost a year ago and broke my heart. I can't make myself get another one yet, but if I ever do get another dog, it will DEFINITELY be a rottweiler!

Edo P. says:

love rotties…best dogs

Patisha Sarjoo says:

Rottweilers are the most loyal dogs ever I dont see why in my country if you own a Rottweiler or a pitbull you have to have specific things in your home tall fences etc and if they attack anyone you will get charged or if you can't pay you have to put your dog to sleep.😭 I was attacked by a dog on my eye why we didnt get charged or have to put the dog to sleep because it wasnt a Rottweiler or a or pitbull and it was my own dog who attacked me.

Max Johargy says:

My dog died from 41h floor from a building 😣😣😣😣Rottweiler

Tuubansoittaja says:

That in bed… just like mine was… Tears

Lucia says:

All Rotts are my favorite 😍😍

Beth Ann says:

i love rottweilers i have one her name is ginger she is so playful:)))

nata kasumi says:

Por que los cortan su colita

vanessa101 Alvarado says:

why do they cut their tail?

gagan deep says:

I also have 2 rotties

Volker Rachow says:

Because they are Germans!

Fred says:

This video sucked.

Tray Stone says:

The last won was funny

Gabriel Jamster says:

you're not supposed to cut their tails that shit is dumb as fuck why would you take away one of their most important communication mediums

mike force says:

i can't imagine the horrible life the poor rot at 2:33 leads. Rottweilers are AMAZINGLY hard dogs. They do not need to be dressed up in silly coats and whatnot. you shouldn't own a Rottweiler.

Nahuel Camaño says:

Los Rottweilers tienen cara de retrasados y eso los hacen adorable

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