Funniest & Cutest Rottweiler Puppies Of All Time – Funny Puppy Videos Compilation 2017

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Tammy Cogs says:

i've only ever had my Rotties, there is no other breed in the world i would take…they're just simply amazing, and loyal to the end…

Opal Lawrence says:

,ooooooo I just want one right now

Opal Lawrence says:

I'm going to get a Rottweiler

Nacho Slave says:

Makes me want a pup my rotts are all grown up now.

Sheriff Burford T. Justice says:

That's some mighty good chewin!

Informations Informarions says:

So cute baby the first

Aryan sabharwall says:

mera pass bi rootweillr hai

Melissa Tye-Harris says:

Awwww so precious i just got my lil girl and wanna vlog her training n cuteness come see her

Rosemary Peck says:

Getting one this Saturday!!!!!! 🐶🐶🐕🐕

HmuGirls says:

Im only watching this at 2:31 in the morning cause i miss my dead and loved dog rocksy 😞

Myracle Woodford says:

I use to have one of these dogs he was SO cute he sadly died tho☹

Ella 40999 says:

Awww sooooo cute!!!!!!!

Midline DUROSE says:

Luv them so much but they eat everything 🙄🤣😍😍

JulieLyn Millett Anderson says:

So Sweet!!!
I 💞 'em all!

Benj Ochoa says:

i have that dog and it so cute

Rssuthar Jaisalmer says:

वाह! बेहद खूबसूरत हैं रॉटवील्लर 🐶

Rashika Bisht says:

Rotttttieeess😍😍😍 i don't know why i am falling in love with them day by day😚

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