Four Rottweilers eating raw meat in kitchen together!

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Pretty amazing! Its only been 7 days we rescued this boy of death row and here he is eating a a raw diet in the kitchen with my pack learning to wait patiently for the eat command. This boy didn’t know a single command let alone been inside a home.. He was not potty trained and now here is making amazing progress.. Its hard to believe we got this boy out by the skin of his teeth, scheduled to be destroyed and labeled “rescue only” meaning he was not available to the public because he was unadoptable! I can’t even describe what an incredible boy he is!! Seems pretty obvious the this poor boy was a junkyard or backyard dog, he was found as a stray and no one came for him. It just kills me that every single day there is another incredible Rottweiler wrongfully sitting on death row to be euthanized simply for the breed!

My life with Rottweilers! Rescuing, fostering, rehabbing and healing Rottweilers set to be destroyed on death row!


**Pleas don’t get a Rottweiler just because you love Life with Oz & my Rottweiler pack. Rottweilers are a highly intelligent & strong working breed. They require an experienced & dedicated owner to work with them daily, socialize & understand they are part of the family – not a backyard dog! Rottweilers want to be part of your family.. A Rottweiler just like any breed MUST match your lifestyle, personality, and budget. Thinking of getting a Rottweiler? READ THIS FIRST on my blog at LOVE YOUR DOGS!



britesynth says:

was it hard to discipline them to wait for food?

cjg 1987 says:

Beautiful dogs

Ashantee Smith says:

what did you feed them?

TheJoeMB says:

How many times a day are they fed?

Sick Of It says:

Four hungry dogs and the floor is still so clean! Very jealous.

HardTarget says:

Nice job! Love all your dogs but gunner has stolen my heart already. Can't imagine someone gave him up.

XiLZERt says:

The food look so delicious! May I have a bowl of it too!!???!?!!? LOL! just kidding! poor me, i have been struggling to try to be a vegetarian!!!!!!!!

ilove2wheels44 says:

Do they shed a lot ?

Kent Dutrieux says:

Poor Gunner, he's still working on his German,  but he understood "Ok", well enough. Great to see 4 of then so well together

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