Feeding Time For Three Obedient Purebred Rottweiler Dogs – Happy Cappy

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Can you guess rottie Happy Cappy is? He’s the biggest one. Captain is a 130 pound dog. He got the chance to visit some of his rottweiler doggie relatives the other day. I love the rottie wiggle butts in the beginning of the video. All three are purebred German Rottweilers. The other two are females. Captain loves hanging out with his girls. As you can see these dogs are very well behaved, because they were trained well. These are some of the best obeying dogs. It’s feeding time and they are following their human patiently waiting for their food bowls. Happy Cappy just turned 6 years old May 2018.

This was filmed with a GoPro Hero 7 Black, November 2018. #hypersmooth #gopro #goprohero7black
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Captain is a purebred German Rottweiler dog. Thanks for watching #HappyCappy #happycappyrottie


KSound Kaiju says:

Bet you can sleep easy at night

Gage Scott says:

clearly not purebred

Geodxn says:

any intruder enters that house would soil his pants at the sight of those doggies lol

InksterMadeNepTune _ says:

Omg wow this was the day my German Rott was born December 3 2018 he’s 9 months old now

Yamas Mama says:

That was AWESOME! I love the first shot of 3 happy buttstock just wiggling 2gether. Thank you for sharing

Kyree's Kingdom says:

This fucker broke into my house before and my german shepherd toby tore his ass up and I didn't care I was watching tv then I kicked him outside then he got attacked by my neighbors 2 pit bulls

Kyree's Kingdom says:

There is no way someone is breaking into your house…well they might break in but they can't get out. 😨 🐕 🐕 🐕

Pressley Jr Gasque says:

Well trained,beautiful dogs.If you are a breeder I'm interested.

Jake the TRYHARD says:

This might be my very first breed when I get a dog eventually

AllthingsBruno says:

Such good dogs! They all look great!

Daredevil Girl says:

Happy Cappy is my favorite dog. The best one ever!

Spartan Ares says:

Beautiful dogs, especially Daisy 😉

Super Badass Chick says:

These 3 rotties are so good and very sweet! I love them!

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