Extreme Trained & Disciplined Rottweiler Dogs

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Extreme Trained & Disciplined Rottweiler Dogs – Best Video Ever

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ViralBe says:

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Shivam Yadav says:

Shivamyadav 7041670310

Sajath Sajath tirur says:

Awesome beautiful ,,,

sunil babniya says:

sb se bekr jo dikhta He wo batate hi nh

Rahul on says:

Girl is so sexy

Tera Preet says:

Mother fucker

Sherlock Holmes says:

What the fuck. Pic is about a dog fighting lion and. This is jst circus nothing more.

THOR ODINSON Prajawal says:

Nice I like this type of the dogs

Kalpesh Kashyap says:

this is very nice training dog

meghna shrivastava says:


Siddharth Swami says:

very smart dog

Chummy Toys Tv says:

well trained!

Swami N says:

Loved the very video……. but nothing related to the thumbnail

pawan gurjar says:

No subscribed your channel

Naga Raju says:

Super dog's

Ali Bashir says:

Stupid thumbnail 😡

jb Power of the nature says:

i would like too have one

Anirban Bhar says:

Reporting this video. Misleading/fake thumbnail.

Ayush Ambhore says:

lovely dogg…….

Crunchy Cheepz says:

2:39 Such discipline xD

Ayushman Pandey says:

They are my favourite but don't know why people do not prefer over german shepherd

Ionut Asd says:

Cel mai panarama video pana sa ii dau drumul credeam ca se bat lei cu un rotwailer

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