Esmond Rottweilers

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The love, compassion and understanding of a Rottweiler… The Esmond family and extended family+++


achmedlolol says:

Rotties are awesome family dogs

Eugenio Casalini says:

Fedele ,affettuoso e pronto a sacrificarsi per il padrone.

Albert Calvani says:

there is nothing more better than having a rottweiler as your best friend for life beautiful video love rottweilers

Karen S. says:

I watch this over and over! Love Rotties and miss my Jackson…RIP Big Jacksey Wacksey

Cristian Ricardo says:

Hermoso animal !!!!!!!

SuperMaxibaby says:

how can anyone give this the thumbs down ? its beautiful

Guerdi Friedrich says:

Lindos…também convivo e amo meus best friend rottweilers.

TheVirtualia says:

kocham te psy mam 2 🙂

Laura Alfieri says:

What a beautiful family album you have 🐕
I always had labs before but I adopted a rotti/lab mix named Keifer and he is the best of both worlds

Traveller777Fly says:

Thank you for sharing – great Dogs !

blair madden says:

ahhhhhh, ya got me crying….I miss my boy everyday.
The pain is still too fresh.

Abdel Rahman Tagen says:

I was have Rottweiler but goodbye he died he live with us a lot and he love to hug he were just good dog and great the Rottweiler is the king ;))

Dan Martin says:

Lost mine to Cancer 5yrs ago….been looking for a pupp. ..they are great dogs

rockridgefarms says:

beautiful dogs, best of companions

José Martins oliveira says:

the best dog

Gus37 says:

Great video. My Rott and I watched it together.

Sunny Wilson says:

This form of clip is the reason why I relax and watch Youtube. I always laugh my ass off. However the vast majority of everyday people are incrementally KILLING their dogs (without realizing it). The crap pet food companies put in pet food triggers many forms of cancer and makes pet dogs die early.. To save your animal’s life search for Double Life Dog Diet (Use Google.)

prestige1231 says:

How can someone rate this video with a dislike?what amazing dogs.I love them.

Bruno Milanese says:

grande grande stupendo

Lubov Lubov says:

люблю ротти!!!

seppo schroderus says:

is that true or false in Europe we have little bit bigger rottweilers and bit not bulky as yours mine is now only 110+ pounds and his back heigt is about 30 in + , newer mesured. mine is almost 11 yrds old, called Remu from famous drummer in band named Hurriganes, iam from Finnland, Liked your dogs much! ..

Marlene Raymond says:

always had a rott, up until 5 years ago, looking for a puppy within reasonable price, best Dog in the world.

Nicodemisjones says:

Always loved rotties , rescued a 90lbs female and now I'm not sure if I will ever not have a rott , what an amazing breed!!!

bsh bsh says:

ما شاء الله كلكم معكم كلاب حتى المعلقين

friedensee says:

Hundehaltung ist asozial – es ist ein wesentliches Merkmal der Asozialen, Hunde zu halten.

Robyn Hooper says:


1vonKyle says:

nice video! =)

Marie duc tolfo says:

les chiens rotweiller agisse comme on les eleve ces des chiens tendre impréssionant mais gentls ils aime les chat car le mien aime la chate que j'ai trouver il l'a adopter ils dorme ensemble



Núbia Gonçalves says:


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