Dogs 101 – Rottweiler

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These dogs are no nonsense creatures who need lots of attention and training.


Hauke G. says:

Another great German dog-breed! :3

Walter Taljaard says:

In Europe they were never regarded as specially dangerous or aggresive.
Just a run of the mill big pooch, like a German shepherds, boxers or other big breeds.
With the reputation of being a good guard dog, but nothing more.
But ever since that stupid movie ''the Omen'' many Americans seem to think that they are the fiercest and most dangerous thing on four legs you can get.
If the director had used Groenendalers (also big black pooches) they would probably have the same reputation in the States. EVERY big breed needs to be trained and socialized well.

Apollo The Rottweiler Gaming time says:

I have a Rottweiler and he is still young and when I would go outside and leave he will bark😄

Natalie Jane says:

Opposite mouth of golden retriever

Bt massam says:

A brush once a day pppffffttt i brush my rottie onece a month max and hes got the nicest coat and never shreds hair i do feed him fancy food tho

ManEatingPlant 123 says:

These dogs are for gangstas with hydraulics on their car, and gold chains, make sure put them in front seat passenger, if another homie isn’t already there.

Purplpaint says:

A dog is only as dangerous as it's raised to be

hallmark says:

Nasty, vicious dogs. Among the worst in the world along with pits who are also vicious, monsters.

Fernandinho says:

You have to train the dog well or it will become dangerous

Rick Grassi says:

I just want a guard dog, should I just adopt to skip the training?

Hoopalover9876 says:

My Rottweiler died today and I miss her so much 😢

damn girl says:

These dogs are seriously not that scary… my Rottweiler NEVER got angry, he was the worst guard dog, he was way too friendly😂😂😂

Devin Thurman says:

I agreed. I have a rottie and if you are ganna own one, you must train them at early age. They are one of the best breed

Kirra Fuller says:

A full blood Rottweiler is my dream dog! I used to have a Labrador Retriever/ Rottweiler mix! Her name was Bella and I could ride on her back when I was little! She was the dream guard dog! So please Dogs 101, don't be Rottweiler haters! I mean they aren't dangerous if you raise them properly, like I did with my fur baby "Bella."

Kristiina Rokashevich says:

My friend got attacked by Rottweiler during her morning run. Her hand had to be surgically put back into one. I understand, that Rottweiler owners get all defensive like 'oh no, it is very friendly, it won't bite' etc. Yes…it won't bite YOU probably! Because you are its family.Otherwise, even people in this video say 'others, beware'. it is a law in most countries to keep the dogs on the leash when going out and the big hunter dogs are also requested to wear muzzles. Too many unnecessary child deaths and injuries due to irresponsible and naive owners. So please…do not get too offended when the random bypassers are genuinely afraid of your little cute Rottweiler pet. I guess it is called being socially adapted;-)

xxGUFFIxx says:

Doberman and rottweiler are kinda the same, but the weight is really the only differents

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