dog Rottweiler mating 2017 | dogs mating hot | Rottweiler is the best dog

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➤Rottweiler, also known as rotti or rotti, is a German-born dog used as a herding dog but often trained as a working dog. They are good fighting dogs and can withstand the wounds. Rottweiler is a healthy, intelligent dog. Although they look good and good but they are obedient and are good defenders. They are less friendly with strangers, but they seem to love each other better. They are fairly calm dogs.
In general, the Rottweilers are a strong breed with a flocksmith lifestyle and a protective instinct. Potential dangerous behavior in Rottweilers is often due to irresponsibility, abuse, neglect, lack of human training. However, the strength of the Rottweiler should not be overlooked because they are one of the most dangerous breeds, their biting force can be up to 136 kg. The Rottweiler is a fairly popular dog, but its price is up to $ 7,000 for each child

➤ Pit bull is a breed of dog breed originating from the Americas, raised in the United Kingdom and raised as house keeping and also used in dogfighting. They are the breed of choice from the British bunny and terrier. This is a fierce, aggressive, persistent dog, called the cold-blooded killer, also known as warrior dog or gladiator.

➤ The Tibetan Mastiff, or Tibetan Mastiff, is a Tibetan Mastiff that breeds and cultivates to protect livestock and protect the lives of indigenous peoples in the mountains. Himalayas from wild animals such as wolves, tigers, bears and to guard the monasteries in Tibet. They are as loyal, stupid, especially just listening to a master. Tibetan clams are thought to be the Lord of the prairie and are described as being louder than wolves, stronger than flowers and faster than deer. It is likely that Tibetan clams are ancestors of some modern clam breeds.
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Casey Taylor says:

That Poor Female 🙁
You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself!

Teegan Honey girls says:

Wtf your such a sicko why would you put the female on a chain and force her to mate! You can clearly see the female is in pain she was wiping the whole way through. If a animal doesn't want to mate don't force it! And plus just why?!

Patrik Käpyaho says:

Who else came here because you had nothing else to do and this came first in video search?

Lala Barker says:

This is animal cruelty!

RedJello Draws says:

the female clearly doesn't want to mate….she looks scared and confused. she was wimpering for the whole video. you should never force animals to mate. you should be ashamed of yourself

Kid who looks thru your window ha says:

Why tf is this guy videoing like he is sum sick perv

TSQS Modding Channel says:

Why is the female trapped on a chain tf

Richard Southwell says:

Hi when are the puppies due as I would love one please

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